Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Papers Under Review in Refereed Scientific Journals:



Wann, G.T., C.L. Aldridge, and C.E. Braun.  2012.  Impacts of weather on nesting phenology and fecundity of White-tailed Ptarmigan.  Journal of Animal Ecology (In Review).

Bird, K.L., C.L. Aldridge, C.A. Paszkowski, M.S. Boyce, and D.W. Coltman.  2011.  Museum specimens reveal little genetic change over time (1895 – 2007) in Endangered Greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) in Canada.  Condor (In Review).

Erickson, H.J., C.L. Aldridge, K. Schoenecker, and M. Calton. 2011.  Forage Production within Grazing Timing Treatments after Prescribed Fire in High-Elevation Sagebrush.  Rangeland Ecology and Management (In Review).

Erickson, H.J., and C.L. Aldridge. 2011.  Habitat use by greater sage-grouse following prescribed fire in high-elevation sagebrush.  Journal of Wildlife Management (In Review).