Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Research and Extension

Current Research

Assessing Vulnerability of Provisioning Services in the Southern Highlands of Ethiopia

Principal Investigator: $250,000 awarded by the National Science Foundation

Model Systems for Early Detection of Invasive Species

Principal Investigator: $296,075 awarded by U.S. Geological Survey

Sustainable Biofuel Feedstocks from Beetle-killed Wood: Bioenergy Alliance Network of the Rockies (BANR)

Co-Investigator: $10,000,000 awarded by U.S. Department of Agriculture

Developing the Living Atlas of East African Flora (LEAF)

Co-Investigator: $168,061 awarded by JRS Biodiversity Foundation



Sustainable African Ecosystems and Societies (SAES) Under Global Change

2013-present, Co-Investigator: The SAES research group is a Global Challenge Research Team funded by the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at CSU. Its mission is to enhance biodiversity, advance human and animal health, empower communities, and promote environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Warner College of Natural Resources and Ethiopia Strategic Alliance

2012-present, Program Director: The mission of the WCNR-Ethiopia Strategic Alliance is to foster stewardship, conservation and sustainable-use of natural resources through international education, research and engagement. We achieve this through scholar exchange programs, collaborative research and academic capacity building (e.g. see


2011-present, Center Lead /Scientific Advisor: The NASA DEVELOP Program is a nationwide program that provides funding for student interns to work within selected U.S. institutions to build applied skills in remote sensing research. The Fort Collins DEVELOP Program in Colorado is jointly administered by the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory and the USGS Fort Collins Science Center. Student interns are actively engaged in short- and long-term research projects related to forest health, invasive species, hydrology and other ecological issues in Colorado and across the globe. Our program is awarded over $100,000 annually to fund up to 24 student interns throughout the year.

Colorado State University and U.S. Peace Corp (Ethiopia)

2010-present: Country Coordinator
Colorado State University has a formal country linkage with Ethiopia to prepare graduate students enrolled in the Peace Corp Master's International Program for service in the fields of Natural Resources, Parks and Protected Lands, and Agriculture. Under the new program, CSU will recruit graduate students for three semesters of academic study before serving two years in Ethiopia as Peace Corp volunteers.

Training and Applications in Geospatial Sciences for Ethiopia

2007-present: Principle Investigator
The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) interactive training website is being developed by Colorado State University and The Murulle Foundation for on-line training, delivery of geospatial data, and other resources that focus on the conservation of natural resources in Ethiopia. Training material is provided on the website and coupled with on-site instructional lessons by CSU faculty and students.