Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Current Research Projects

Willow Root CrownHobbs, N. T., J. S. Clark, M. B. Hooten, K. Ogle, and M. Uriarte. Building capacity in Bayesian modeling for practicing ecologists. National Science Foundation. 2012-2016.

Hobbs, N. T., D. J. Cooper, J. A. Hoeting, M. J. Kauffman, F. Watson, G. Spong, and D. Smith. Long-term research in environmental biology: Understanding controls on state-transition on Yellowstone’s northern range. National Science Foundation 2012-2017.

Hobbs, N. T. Bayesian modeling of effects of fertility control on white-tailed deer population in in eastern national parks. National Park Service. 2012-2015.

Hobbs, N. T., R. Boone, M. W. Miller, J. A. Hoeting, S. Tavener, and M. Antolin. Bayesian hierarchical modeling of disease dynamics: a case example using chronic wasting disease. National Science Foundation. 2009-2014.

Hobbs, N. T. Modeling chronic wasting disease in the Rocky Mountain National Park elk population. National Park Service. 2010-2014

Hobbs, N. T. and M. W. Miller. WildSense: Instrumenting wildlife to gather contact rate information using delay tolerant wireless sensor networks. National Science Foundation. 2009-2013.

Hobbs, N. T. Modeling in support of adaptive management of the Yellowstone bison population. National Park Service. 2009-2013

Yellowstone Dam