Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Dr. Akihiro Koyama

 Dr. Akihiro KoyamaI am a biogeochemist interested in nutrient and energy dynamics in the plant-microbe-soil complex. Specifically, I focus on how plants and soil microbes interact in response to disturbances and external environmental changes. I completed my Ph. D. in Natural Resources at University of Idaho in 2007. I became a member of the Wallenstein Lab in 2011. Since then, I have been involved in various projects, including the Biotic Awakening project in Arctic tundra ecosystems at Toolik, Alaska, Boston Area Climate Experiment (BACE) and Prairie Heating and CO2 Enrichment (PHACE). I am experienced in a suite of methods to elucidate biogeochemical processes and microbial structures in soils, including extracellular enzyme assays, microbial metagenomics, greenhouse gas measurements, and use of stable isotopes.  I am especially excited about recent development and potential of high-throughput sequencing (e.g. 454 Roche and Illumina) which can be applied for microbial metagenomics. I want to pursue high-throughput sequencing to assess soil microbial structures which can shape ecosystem function.