Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Committees & Awards

ECNU-CSU Joint agreement

Honors and Awards
2011   Odum Award for Ecology Education   Ecological Society of America
2001  Honorary Membership  Golden Key Honor Society
2000  Ten Year Service Recognition   Department of Education - TRIO
1999  A&S College Scholar  University of Northern Colorado
1997  Distinguished Scholar  University of Northern Colorado
1997  A&S College Scholar  University of Northern Colorado
1996  Who's Who among College Teachers   Who's Who Inc.
1994  Distinguished Research Fellow   Bodega Marine Lab, UC-Davis
1992  National Young Investigator Award   NSF, Washington D.C.
1989  IAC Fellowship   Wageningen, The Netherlands
1980  Stipend for Academic Excellence   Michigan State University
1977-78  Honor Student   University of California


Professional Service

National Service
 2010-present  LTER Executive Board
 2007-2010  NSF Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education
 2003-2008  Ecological Society of America Education Committee
 1998-2007  NSF-LTER Education Committee
 1997-2006  EPA Star Fellowship Review Panel
 2004  USDA/ARS Soil Biology Review Panel
 2002  NAS Polar Biology Research Advisory Panel
 2002  US NPS Wind Cave Research and Management Advisory Pane
 2002, 2005  NSF GK-12 Review Panel
 1999-2001  NSF Ecology Review panel
 2000  EPA Futures Research Review Panel
 1998  NSF LTER Review panel
 1996  EPA Ecotoxicology and Environmental Assessment Review Panel
 1994-1996  NSF Ecosystem Ecology Review Panel
 1994  NSF National Young Investigator Review Panel


International Service
 1997-2007  Regional Editor of Biology and Fertility of Soils
 2003  World Bank Advisory Panel on Global Sustainable Agriculture
 1993-1997  Editorial Board for Journal of Applied Soil Ecology
 1994-1996  President of Soil Ecology Society