Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Students & Post Docs

Current Students, Post Docs and RAs:Dr. Olge and student

  • Fatmah Assiri, Student Employee, Ph.D. Student (ALU Software)
  • Andrew Ernakovich, B.A., RA I (Soil Monitoring Network)
  • Brahadeesh Guhan, M.S., RA II (ALU Software)
  • Ram Gurung, M.S., RA III, Ph.D. Student (National Inventory, ALU Software, Global Simulation Project and Soil Monitoring Network)
  • Melannie Hartman, M.S., RA IV, Ph.D. Candidate (ALU Software, Global Simulation Project – Manager)
  • Judy Hendryx, B.A., RA III (Soil Monitoring Network)
  • Matt Levi, Ph.D., RA III (Soil Monitoring Network – Manager)
  • Shannon Spencer, M.S., RA IV, Ph.D. Candidate (ALU Software – Manager, National Inventory)
  • Amy Swan, M.S., Recent Graduate


Field Sampling

Current/Recent Visiting Students:

  • Kun Cheng, Nanjing Agricultural University
  • Mariana Durigan, University of Sao Paolo
  • Rihuan Cong, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • Stoecio Maia, University of Sao Paolo