ALU Developement Team

Steve Ogle

Stephen M. Ogle, M.S., Ph.D.
Senior Scientist and Associate Professor

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
and Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Colorado State University

Dr. Stephen M. Ogle is the coordinator for the ALU software project.  He is a Research Scientist and Associate Professor at Colorado State University, and an expert on application of greenhouse gas inventory methods.  He serves as lead compiler for the US national inventory for soil C and nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural lands, in addition to the US national representation of land. These inventory products are used for reporting by the US government to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). He has been a lead author on syntheses and reports prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2006 National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Guidelines and Fourth Assessment Report on Climate Change), and a past member of the scientific steering group for the North American Carbon Program. He also conducts research collaboratively with economists and sociologists to better understand the drivers of land use and management decisions, and predict the likelihood of greenhouse gas mitigation in the future through adoption of conservation practices and bioenergy production in agricultural lands. Dr. Ogle has participated in international capacity-building projects to improve greenhouse gas inventory compilation in Central America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Eastern and Southern African Countries, providing training and tools on greenhouse gas inventory methods for the Agriculture and Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry sectors.

The current programming staff for the ALU software includes Shannon Spencer, who is the design and development lead, Puja Gurung, Ram Gurung, Ben Johnke and Guhan Dheenadayalan.  Current testing staff for the ALU software includes Judy Hendryx and Stephen Williams.

Past staff included Prasanna Venkatesh, Fadi Wedyan, Bill Tucker, Shilpa Halvadar, Hussein Al-Rousan, Matt Stobber, Melannie Hartman, Fatmah Assiri, Veeresh Rudrappa, Aaron Hubert, Amy Swan, Karen Galles, Philips Gilbert and Sachin Verma.

Collaborators include Dr. Shawn Archibeque who is an expert on livestock systems and is part of the team compiling the US inventory on enteric methane emissions, and Dr. Keith Paustian who is internationally-recognized expert on soil C dynamics and collaborates on the US soil C and nitrous oxide inventories.