What's New?


2006 May 2

Century 5 is a research version of the Century model that has not been extensively tested or validated. For that reason we have not released Century 5 for public download.

Individuals wishing to work with Century 5 will need to contact Dr. Dennis Ojima directly (dennis@nrel.colostate.edu) to request access to this version of the model. In your request please include information to indicate your research goal and why you feel that Century 5 will be required to reach your goal.

Century 4.0 is a freely available version of the Century model that can be be downloaded from the Century 4 web site: http://www.nrel.colostate.edu/projects/century/

2005 Dec 1

Added an example session using the R software for statistics and graphics to access the output variables of a CENTURY5 simulation. See the Technical Notes from the menu at the left.

2005 Oct 18

Windows XP and CMI have issues working together. We are aware of the "Send Error to Microsoft" problem running CMI under Microsoft Windows XP™, and hope to fix this soon. For a workaround, consider using the command line version of CENTURY5 - it has the latest mods and enhancments anyway. Please check this News page for an announcement of an update to CMI.

2005 Oct 14

CENTURY5 version is now available for downloading, but only the Microsoft Windows™ command-line version for now. To see what version of CENTURY5 you now have, open a command prompt window at the installation directory, and enter century -V. This executable is optimized, but has debugging information included - this may affect performance.

Updates include the command-line option -sf to write a new site file at the end of a simulation; -pp option to specify where parameter files can be found (e.g., your crop.100 file); and enhanced site parameter validation. View the Release Notes page for details.

The User's Guide and Reference has new and updated pages. Both the online and the downloadable HTML Help file versions are updated to match this model version. See the links in the left menu.

To install these new executable files, download or copy the zip file to your installation directory (e.g., C:\Program Files\Century\version5), and unzip there, overwriting the existing files of the same name.

If you haven't yet installed CENTURY5 (not the new files discussed here), before extracting the zip archive, download and install the CENTURY5 installation package. After successfully installing this, then extract the zip files as described above.

2005 May 06

Utilities are now available for producing monthly data and site weather parameters from a daily weather file. These will be provided in the next distribution of the CENTURY5 model. Put these files in your CENTURY5 installation directory (they need the same DLL library files as the Century5 executable file uses.) View usage information for each utility by running the program without options.