Colorado Ownership, Management, and Protection
~ Mapping the Status and Trends of Colorado's Protected Places ~


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Last updated on October 17, 2011

October 2011:

You can now download the PUBLIC version of COMaP from the Geospatial Centroid @CSU.

Download COMaP v9* (public)

* available 10/18/2011

To request the private version of COMaP, please email:

The goal of the Colorado Ownership, Management, and Protection (COMaP) project at Colorado State University is to build a statewide protected areas map for Colorado and to distribute the data to interested agencies and individuals.

COMaP is maintained at the Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP), in partnership with the Geospatial Centroid at CSU. Current financial support for COMaP comes from the USGS Gap Analysis Program and Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO).

The fundamental premise of COMaP is that the landscape context (ownership and management) is important to natural resource management issues. Knowing the location and pattern of various protected areas is a key piece of information to inform management of many natural resources in Colorado. Local agencies, particularly those who have invested in building a GIS-based parcel dataset, often have up-to-date maps of protected areas. However, projects often require information at scales beyond local areas and these efforts must rely on datasets that are incomplete and out of date. Therefore, COMaP fills the need for a spatial database that provides comprehensive, current information about various levels of protection, such as county and city parks and open spaces, as well as Federal and State lands in Colorado.

COMaP v.9