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On this page we have tried to answer a few of the questions that potential GEFSOC System users have asked. Click on the question to go to the answer. If you have further questions/answers you think it would be useful for us to add to the list please get in touch.


Why do I need to ask for a password to use the GEFSOC system?

Can I run the GEFSOC system on a single PC?

Do I need high spec machines to run the GEFSOC System?

I have never used LINUX, will I be able to use the GEFSOC System?

Why cant the LINUX machine be dual boot?

What data do I need to run the GEFSOC System?

Do I need GIS skills to use the GEFSOC System?

Do I need to be familiar with Century and RothC to use the GEFSOC System?


We ask all GEFSOC Users to supply us with a brief amount of information on how they intend use the system. This helps us with system development in the future. It also helps us see how widely the system is being used and if there is any geographic overlap.


No, the GEFSOC System is designed to run on two computers with basic networking capabilities.

No, the GEFSOC System runs on standard off the shelf computers. You will need 2 machines, one running Windows as an operating system and one running LINUX. The Windows machine needs to have adequate speed, memory and hard drive capacity to run Microsoft Access 2000/2003 and the ESRI GIS Software. The LINUX machine needs a minimum of 1 GB of RAM and 80 GB of hard drive.

You will need to know or learn a few basic LINUX commands to set up the system and instigate model runs, but you do not have to be an expert by any means. The System is run through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) on the Windows machine.  A lot of information about using LINUX can be found on the web. Some useful sites and articles include LINUX Tutorials and LINUX for Beginners.

Having the LINUX machine as dual boot will destabilise the system so we don't advise it.

For the area you are going to consider you will need;

1.       Information on, or an idea of natural vegetation that existed in the area before human disturbance

2.       Historic and current land use

3.       Climate information

4.       Soils (at the least soil texture and bulk density)

5.       Latitude and Longitude

This information is needed to form the GIS layers needed to run the model. See the USER Manual for further information.

A knowledge of GIS is needed to build the GIS layers to run the GEFSOC System.

We recommend that users learn the principals behind the RothC and Century models, and learn to run the models using data from agricultural or land use experiments from the region they intend to model.  This will allow them to validate model  effectiveness for the land use practices for their region.  This will also help the user understand the files needed to run the System and will make interpretation of results easier.

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Last updated: 20 March 2007.