GEFSOC Project results feature in a new WMO book chapter

The GEFSOC Project results feature in a Special Issue of AEE

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Results from the GEFSOC project are presented in a forthcoming book entitled 'Climate and Land Degradation' to be published by Springer in September 2007. The chapter follows a presentation by Dr Mohamed Sessay, the UNEP Programme Officer for The GEFSOC Project at "The International Workshop on Climate and Land Degradation" held in Arusha, Tanzania in December 2006. The Workshop was Jointly organised by the WMO and the UNCCD.   For the full chapter reference see the OUTPUT page of this website.


The GEFSOC Project Results have been published in a  Special Issue of the Journal 'Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment' (Volume 122/1). The Special Issue 'Soil carbon stocks at regional scales' Edited by Milne, E., Powlson, D.S. and Cerri, C.E.P. consists of 12 papers which report on the development of The GEFSOC Modelling System and its use to estimate soil carbon stocks and changes in The Brazilian Amazon, Jordan, The Indian Indo-Gangetic Plains and Kenya. All papers from the Special Issue are now available online from the 'in-press' section of AGEE's website. The printed version of the Special Issue will be published in mid 2007. For details of the papers please go to the OUTPUT page. If you would like PDF versions of the papers and don't have access to AGEE online, please email Eleanor Milne.


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The GEFSOC Project ran from 2002 - 2005. To read about the implementation status of the project and access project evaluation documents on the Global Environment Facility Website click here.

Downloading:- The GEFSOC modelling system is now available for download via the 'Download' page of site. Download is free to institutions and individuals wishing to use the system for scientific, research or educational purposes. Likewise the datasets generated by the project are available from the case study country authors. SOTER datasets are available for download from the download page.




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