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GEFSOC System Download

The GEFSOC modelling system is available for download free of charge by anyone wishing to use it for research or education purposes. The system allows the user to make estimates of soil carbon stocks and changes at the national and regional scale. Use of the system requires regional or national scale soils, climate and land use data sets in a standardized format. For details of the formatting procedure and minimum computing requirements, please see the 'GEFSOC User Manual'. Answers to some frequently asked questions are also available on the FAQs page of the website. Download of the GEFSOC system is password protected, (to enable us to monitor the uses to which the system is being put and by whom). The GEFSOC modelling system is copy-write protected .

The GEFSOC Modelling System User manual has been designed to take you through all of the stages necessary for use of The GEFSOC Modelling System, from minimum data and computing requirements through to displaying results. Use of The GEFSOC modelling system is not recommended without consultation of the user manual.

To obtain the password please email the project coordinator Dr Eleanor Milne by Clicking Here.

Click on the link to begin downloading the GEFSOC System and the User Manual.
The GEFSOC Modelling System

Case Study Country Datasets

During the GEFSOC Project national and regional scale data sets of soils climate and land use have been collated and formatted for 4 case study areas, Amazon-Brazil, The Indian part of The Indo-Gangetic Plains, Jordan and Kenya. In addition, existing site scale datasets have been used for model evaluation purposes. To access these data sets please contact the Project Co-ordinator Dr Eleanor Milne, or the case study country Principal Investigators:

Amazon Brazil  Professor C. Cerri  
The Indo-Gangetic Plains Dr D.K. Pal  
Jordan Dr Z. Rawajfih  
Kenya Dr P. Gicheru  

SOTER Data sets

The GEFSOC project has developed consistent soil and terrain (SOTER) datasets for four case study areas: Amazon-Brazil, the Indian part of the Indo-Gangetic Plains, Jordan, and Kenya. These datasets, plus documentation in PDF format, may be accessed freely by clicking on the following links: 

Area Scale Documentation Dataset Size
Amazon-Brazil (1:1 M ) pdf ZIP about 3Mb zipped; 11 Mb unzipped
Indo-Gangetic Plains, India (1:5 M ) pdf ZIP about 5Mb zipped; 10 Mb unzipped
Kenya (1:1 M ) pdf ZIP  about 4Mb zipped; 14 Mb unzipped
Jordan (1:0.5M ) pdf ZIP about 1Mb zipped; 3 Mb unzipped


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