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IBOY Governance - Secretariat

Program Officer, Gina Adams

Program Assistants

  • Lily Huddleson

    Contact the Secretariat:

    Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
    Colorado State University
    Fort Collins, CO 80523-1499
    Tel. (+1) 970 491 1984
    Fax: (+1) 970 491 3945

    The IBOY Secretariat is housed at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University.

    Please send comments about this website to:

    Last updated January 7, 2002

    IBOY took place during 2001 and 2002 and is now completed. Information on the projects, activities and products that took place during IBOY are available on these pages. Many of the projects are still continuing their research and education activities and links to their homepages can be found on the project pages.

    For more information on on-going activities of IBOY's parent organization, DIVERSITAS, see

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