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** Cohort #3: 2017-18 **


Will Gnesda Will Gnesda
Junior - Geology

Will is a junior majoring in Geology. He is primarily interested the sustainable use of aquafers and ground water resources in developing regions of the world. He plans to pursue further studies into hydrogeology in the future. Through this fellowship, he hopes to gain insight into the complex relationships between people and a dryland environment.





Lauren HillLauren Hall
Sophomore - Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Lauren is a sophomore from Washington State studying Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology at Colorado State University. Through her leadership role with The Camera Project, a student club that uses wildlife camera traps as a tool to enhance environmental education in local schools, Lauren has realized the significant value that education holds in conservation and plans to continue to expand and improve environmental education efforts throughout her career. Her main interest is in addressing human-wildlife conflict through the use of sustainable, interdisciplinary solutions that address the needs of multiple stakeholders. She is looking forward to expanding her perspective and exploring the possibilities of a career in research through this fellowship. 




Sammi MahoneySammi Mahoney
Junior – Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

I am a Junior in the Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Department and have a minor in Range Ecology. I am most interested in terrestrial carnivores and omnivores, that are more traditionally thought of as carnivores, and how they affect the ecological systems they reside in, as well as the conservation and preservation of these animals and their habitats.





Spencer RheaSpencer Rhea
Sophomore – Watershed Science

Spencer is a sophomore from Austin, Texas majoring in Watershed Science. He became interested in water resources through his experience in Boy Scouts. Over the past summer Spencer interned with the Watershed Protection Department of the City of Austin. He hopes the fellowship will give him insight into how to conduct environmental research that he will use for graduate school.  





Makenna SmithMakenna Smith
Junior - Watershed Science

Makenna Smith is a junior studying Watershed Science.  She discovered her passion for the environment at the age of eleven when she founded a civic, green based initiative.  Recently, she was selected to present her research on sustainable, aquifer management at the national American Indian Science and Engineering Society conference.  In her spare time, she enjoys mentoring students as a volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club.  She is active in her church, and she loves to dance.  Her future aspirations are to obtain a Master of Science in Hydrology and pursue a career managing water in the agricultural sector.