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Loch Vale watershed strata delineations:

red=rock; green=alpine tundra; blue=forest

                        LVWS 1990 annual ET (mm*100)                                    LVWS 1990 annual (gross PSN - maint. resp.) in gC/m2*100


Estimates of Loch Vale productivities and evapotranspiration from references

  Englemann Spruce/Subalpine fir forest Tundra (many est. from Niwot Ridge, CO) reference
area (approx.) 40 hectares 100 hectares  
ET (not incl. sublimation) 500 mm/year 220-270 mm/year Baron and Denning, 1991
above-ground net PSN 289 gC/m2        (a) 100-300 gC/m2      (b) a) Arthur, 1991.

b) Bowman and Fisk, 2001.

below-ground net PSN 151gC/m2         (a) 170-370 gC/m2       (b)
total PSN ~440 gC/m2 ~300-500gC/m2

RHESSys simulated ET is too large for both forest and tundra (~2-3x too large).

RHESSys simulated PSN is about right for forest, too high for tundra (~4x too high)

LAI should be a maximum of 7 in the forest and 2 for alpine tundra.

LAI looks good for the forest, and is 50-100 times too large for tundra.