Colorado State University: IU 193 Freshman Seminar (Fall 2008)


The impact of snow on our society will be studied. This includes day-to-day life activities, such as transportation and recreation, history, art, and fashion. The perception of snow in society and as presented by the media will be discussed. The course culminates with a field trip.

Section: F01
Credits: 1
Offered: Fall 2008
Time: 0400-0450pm
Day: Wednesday
Location: 320 NATRS

Course Objective(s):
Students who successfully complete this seminar will be able to i) actively participate in and lead discussions, and ii) synthesize information from the popular media into a scientific forum.

Course Topics/Weekly Schedule:
1) Introduction and Overview
2) The Snow Crystal and Snow Processes
3) Snow Cover
4) Ecology
5) Perception and the Media
6) Transportation
7) Recreation
8) Safety
9) Art
10) Fashion

Methods of Evaluation (Traditional Grading):
Students will be evaluated on the basis of i) in-class participation (40%) assessed based on responses (using i-clickers or similar), ii) summarizing an article (25%), iii) leading and summarizing a discussion on the article (25%), and iv) field trip write-up (10%). Grading will be pass or fail.

contact the instructor:
Steven Fassnacht
(voice +1.970.491.5454)
srf at
Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship
College of Natural Resources
Colorado State University
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