WR574 Snow Hydrology

Fall 2015
Summary: Snow processes and their relation to the hydrologic cycle, including cloud processes and precipitation formation, snowfall, accumulation, snowcover, canopy interception, redistribution, sublimation, snowpack metamorphosis, and snowmelt. Physical and conceptual methods of modeling and techniques for measuring the different states and change rates. New and innovative modeling and measuring techniques.

Course Objectives: A successful student will be able to measure snowpack properties and estimate the error associated with the measurements, estimate the winter water balance, model snowpack hydrological processes, and manipulate a large time series of data (~10,000 time steps). syllabus


Sept 8th: Snow and Climates - discussion all (assigned by Steven Fassnacht): Nolan et al., 2015

Sept 15th: paper organization and overview of discussion tasks

Sept 22th: Climate Change in Mountains - discussion led by Glenn: Rangwala and Miller, 2012

Sept 29rd: Snow in the Rockies - discussion led by Chenchen: Pederson et al., 2011

Oct 6th: Changes in Snowfall Extremes - discussion led by Allen: Lute et al., 2015

Oct 13th: Changing Snowmelt - discussion led by Saddam: Kirdyanov et al., 2003

Oct 20th: NO MEETING

Oct 27th: Distribution of SWE - discussion led by Allen: Magnusson et al., 2014

Nov 3st: Temperature Index Melt Modeling - discussion led by Saddam: Hock, 2003

Nov 10th: Temperature, Precipitation and Snowpack Variability - discussion led by Chenchen: Sospedra-Alfonso et al., 2015

Nov 17th: a before and after paper - discussion led by Steven:

Dec 8th: preparation for the Fall AGU Meeting

Warner College of Natural Resources
Colorado State University