Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

NREL Spring 2015 Seminar Series

"Science Education Beyond Borders:
Immersing Audiences Across the Globe in Science and Research"

NREL strives to create exceptional education and outreach resources, provide opportunities for immersion into scientific research practices, and ensure educational materials are available for diverse audiences. We serve K-12 teachers and students, student clubs and organizations, adult learning communities, adult volunteers, and citizen scientists across the globe. Our mission is to effectively bring our science to various public audiences in innovative and engaging ways. The Spring 2015 Seminar Series will focus on education in science and research conducted by NREL Research Scientists and collaborating partners. Seminar topics will range from the value of research and educational partnerships, methods for providing science education to diverse audiences, the use of writing skills to teach science, broader impacts from an NSF perspective, and environmental literacy.

Seminars will be held every Friday, unless otherwise noted

11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Third Floor Conference Rooms - A302-304
Natural and Environmental Sciences Building




Seminar Title

Feb. 6 Greg Newman  NREL and as a Tool for Education and Outreach

Feb. 13

Meena Balgopal

CSU School of Education

Scientific Literacy: Supporting Science Learning Through Writing

Feb. 20

DeeDee Wright Poudre School District

Developing Partnerships with K-12 School Districts

Feb. 27


March 6

Dale Broder Department of Biology/GDPE 

The Power of Authentic Science: Examples from Local Schools

March 13

Henry Gholz Program Director, DEB, National Science Foundation

Education: Perspectives from an NSF Program Director

March 20


March 27

Rod Simpson, John Moore, Amanda Morrison, and Michelle Bartholomew


Research Experiences for Teachers and Arctic Education

April 3

Amanda Morrison, Michelle Bartholomew, Yamina Pressler and John Moore NREL/ESS

Expanding the impact of your science through education: a bioenergy case study

April 10 Mary Richmond and Randy Boone NREL/PSD

Gnu Views on Experiences and Learning

April 17

Robin Reid, Bob Woodmansee and Dave Swift


The University of Nairobi and CSU Strategic Partnership:
Lessons, Innovations and Plans for the Future

In the first half of this seminar, we will describe an education, research, and outreach project with the goal to transform higher education at both the University of Nairobi (UoN) and Colorado State University. Through our strategic partnership with UoN, we founded the Centre for Sustainable Drylands Ecosystems and Societies (CSDES), designed based on the needs of pastoral communities throughout Kenya. The goals of CSDES are to create and deliver research information driven by the needs of pastoral communities and policy makers, provide better access for pastoralists to higher education, create a new drylands curriculum responsive to drylands needs, and include traditional and practitioner knowledge in all the outputs from CSDES.  CSU faculty and students are full members of CSDES and contribute to all its programs. 

The second half of the seminar will focus on our recent, joint UoN-CSU effort to build an on-line, distance education, graduate level course - “Dryland Ecosystems and Societies” - intended to introduce learners to the breadth of reality about the ecology, socio-cultural, economics, and policy implications of extensive pastoral systems in arid and semiarid regions of East Africa. The course is targeted to students, government and international agency professionals, and citizen leaders in remote locations of East Africa and other dryland regions.

This course was developed by about 30 contributors from both the University of Nairobi and CSU. We will demonstrate the course as it appears in CSU’s Canvas, USAID’s RM Portal, and “NREL’s” Standalone Version. We’ll show the course “look and feel” as developed and reformatted from AGRI 632 – “Managing for Ecosystem Sustainability” templates that have also been adapted to ESS380A1 – “Critical Thinking in Ecosystem Science.”

April 24

Lori Reinsvold and Kathy Cochran University of Northern Colorado

Science Education

May 1

Andrew Warnock

College of Natural Sciences and Outreach Center, CSU

A Hands-on Session with the EOC STEM Kits: A Successful Broader Impacts Strategy

May 8

Shinichi Asao and Nell Campbell


EcoPress: What we've learned about science communication


An archive of past seminar series can be viewed here.