Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

NREL Fall 2016 Seminar Series

"Managing for Climate Change"

Hosted by Dennis Ojima, NREL/NC CSC

We wish to explore through our seminar series the various ways different natural resource sectors are dealing with climate change and ways in which the research enterprise can support these sectors. The speakers will provide examples associated with water, conservation, ecosystem, and agriculture issues, and how various communities are responding to climate change. Topics include greenhouse gas emission reduction action plans, adaptation actions, and approaches to increasing resilience to climate change. In addition, examples of research and engagement approaches will be presented to illustrate various ways of linking research and actions in a co-design/co-production structure to facilitate co-generation of knowledge.

Fridays, 11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Third Floor Conference Rooms - A302-304
Natural and Environmental Sciences Building





Dept./Institution Affiliation

Seminar Title

Aug 26

Gabriel Senay


Satellite-Based Evapotranspiration for Crop Water Use Mapping and Drought Monitoring

Sep 2

Jeffrey Herrick ARS The Land-Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS): Mobile Apps and Global Collaboration for Optimizing Climate Change Investments

Sep 9

Lori Peek and Carlie Trott

Colorado State University

Collaboration in a Changing Environment: Working with Vulnerable Populations

Sep 16

Jean Ometto

National Institute for Space Research

Land Use Transition in Brazil and Implication for Climate Change

Sep 23

Kristen Averyt

CIRES - University of Colorado, Boulder

The Roles of Weather and Climate at the Energy-Water Nexus

Sep 30

Bill Parton


Impact of Sea Surface Temperatures (PDO and AMO) and Spring Rainfall on Grassland Production in the Great Plains

Oct 7

Kristie Ebi

University of Washington

Lessons Learned on Health Adaptation in Low and Middle Income Countries

Oct 14

Gregor Schuurman


Stewarding National Park Resources in an Era of Continuous Change

Oct 21

Brad Udall

Colorado Water Institute,    Colorado State University

Colorado River Drought Contingency Planning

Oct 28

Taryn Finnessey

Colorado Water Conservation Board

Managing for a Changing Climate: The Colorado Approach

Nov 4

Berrien Moore

University of Oklahoma

The geoCarb Mission

Nov 11

Shannon McNeeley


Effective Co-production of Climate Science and Drought Decision Support Tools with the Wind River Reservation Tribal Water Managers

Nov 18

Keith Paustian


Climate Smart Soils - Bringing Pie in the Sky Down to Earth



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