Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

NREL Spring 2016 Seminar Series

"Nitrogen - The OTHER Major Global Change"

Hosted by Jill Baron, USGS/NREL

What humans have done and are doing to the planet has disrupted the global nitrogen (N) cycle along with the carbon cycle. The revolution in agriculture from N fertilizer unquestionably has improved access to food and better nutrition through much of the world. However, inadvertent release of excess reactive N contributes to climate change, air and water pollution, human and animal disease, and loss of biodiversity. Nitrogen management is one of the world's wickedest problems.

We present an exciting semester of cutting edge research, much of it from Colorado State University scientists, that range from basic N cycling and transport issues to management of agricultural releases, to possible global solutions. Join us!

Fridays, 11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Third Floor Conference Rooms - A302-304
Natural and Environmental Sciences Building

**Room Change, March 4:  Lory Student Center Room 304-306
                             April 8: Anatomy/Zoology Room 118




Dept./Institution Affiliation

Seminar Title

Jan 29

 Raj Khosla

  Soil and Crop Sciences

Climate Smart Precision Nitrogen Management

Feb 5

Aaron Pina Atmospheric Sciences/GDPE Early Warning System for East Colorado Ranchers to Reduce N Deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park

Feb 12

Katie Benedict

Atamospheric Sciences

Atmospheric Ntirogen in Northern Colorado

Feb 19

Meagan Schipanski

Soil and Crop Sciences

Reduce, reuse, recycle: Carbon-based nitrogen management in agricultural systems

Feb 26

Eldor Paul and Jill Baron


Nitrogen Across Soil and Freshwater Boundaries:
Beginning to Make Sense of it All

March 4**

James Galloway

University of VA

Nitrogen Out of the Bottle:
The Challenge of Managing the Genie

March 11

Steve Del Grosso


Nitrogen Cycling: Knowns, Unknowns, and Paths Forward

March 18


March 25

Jessica Davis

Soil and Crop Sciences

Harnessing Cyanobacteria for On-farm, Solar-powered Nitrogen Fertilizer Production

April 1

Ted Stets


The Emergence of Nitrogen as a Water Quality Problem in the Mid-20th Century US and Our Ongoing Partial Response to it

April 8**

Emily Fischer 

Atmospheric Sciences 

Using New Observations From Space to Learn More About the Main Atmospheric Reservoir of NOx

April 15

Jacob Kimiecik 

President, SoGES Student Sustainability Organization 

Colorado State University Nitrogen Footprint Project - Opportunities for Institutional Change

April 22

Mazdak Arabi 

Civil and Environmental Engineering 

A System-approach to Management of Nitrogen Pollutuion in Water Systems 

April 29

Jeff Collett 

Atmospheric Sciences 

The Increasing Importance of Ammonia for U.S. Air Quality 



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