Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Teaching Experience


 Teaching Assistant (01/2004-12/2009):


General Biology for majors (BIOL 1403)Enrollment as a freshman requires a minimum composite SAT reading plus math total of 1100, or a minimum composite ACT score of 24, or a minimum AP Biology score of 3. Fundamentals of molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, and evolutionary theory. First semester of an integrated course recommended for students majoring in biological sciences or related disciplines. Partially fulfills Core Natural Sciences requirement. (Writing Intensive)

Microbiology for non-majors and majors (MBIO 3400 & 3401)Prerequisite 3400: 3 hours of introductory biology. Introduction to the morphology, physiology, and activities of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Primarily for students of agriculture, food and nutrition, animal science, secondary education, nursing, and others seeking an advanced science elective. May not be applied to degree requirements for biological sciences majors. Prerequisite 3401: BIOL 1401 and 1402 or BIOL 1403 and 1404; CHEM 3305 as pre- or co-requisite. Advanced morphology, physiology, and classification of microorganisms

Microbial Ecology (MBIO 4401)Prerequisite: MBIO 3401 and BIOL 3309. An examination of the population and community ecology of bacteria and fungi, and the roles of these organisms in ecosystem processes