Nov.15th: Dr. Bonnie Waring, Invited Speaker

NREL/ESS Soup & Science

Fall Seminar Series


Nov. 15, 2019
12-1 PM
Natural and Environmental Sciences Building, Room B218

Dr. Bonnie Waring: “Ecosystem carbon uptake and loss under nutrient deposition: when and where do microbes matter?

Carbon exchange among plant, soil, and atmospheric pools is regulated by nutrients, such a nitrogen and phosphorus, which impact the growth of the plants and microbes which mediate these fluxes. Although human activity has altered nutrient pools in ecosystems across the globe, there is substantial uncertainty about when and where nutrient deposition will enhance C uptake by the terrestrial biosphere. Using a combination of large-scale fertilization experiments and simulation models, I explore how plant and microbial responses to nutrient deposition influence patterns of ecosystem carbon cycling. 

Dr. Bonnie Waring is a plant, microbial, and ecosystem ecologist and is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Utah State University. You can learn more on the Waring Ecology Lab web page.

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