NREL/ESS Spring 2018 Seminar Series Schedule

Seminars are held each Wednesday at 3 pm in Room A302 of the Natural and Environmental Sciences Building (NESB). Please join us each week to learn from the best and brightest at the cutting edge of sustainability and ecosystem science.

The NREL/ESS Spring 2018 Departmental Seminar Series is a weekly set of scientific talks given by speakers from CSU and other institutions around the country. Speakers highlight original research that connects the departmental foci of social, physical, and ecological sciences. A subset of our seminar series will be followed directly by a catered reception for the invited speakers. All seminars are free and open to the public.

Date Presenter Dept./Institution Affiliation Seminar Title or Topic
1/31 Aditi Bhaskar Civil and Environmental Engineering, CSU Hydrologic Effects of Urbanization
2/7 Linda van Diepen Ecosystem Science and Management, U. Wyoming Disturbance Impacts on Soil Microbial Dynamics**
2/14 No NREL/ESS Seminar Front Range Student Ecology Symposium Details:
2/21 Steward Pickett Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Empirical Surprise and Theoretical Change in Urban Ecology**
ROOM A203 Clark Building CSU – this week only!
2/28 Megan Machmuller NREL, CSU Quantifying the Fate of C Inputs to Arctic Tundra Soils From Roots to Rivers
3/7 Adrian Harpold Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Nevada, Reno Recontextualizing Snowpack Sensitivity to Climate Change in the Western U.S.**
3/14 No NREL/ESS Seminar Spring Break NA
3/21 No NREL/ESS Seminar GDPE Seminar – Johan Six & AGU Hydrology Days GDPE details:
Hydrology days details: 
3/28 Linda Nagel Forest and Rangeland Stewardship, CSU A National Experiment in Manager-Scientist Partnerships to Apply a Climate Adaptation Framework
4/4 No NREL/ESS Seminar GDPE Seminar – Steve Running Details at:
4/11 Michael Lefsky Ecosystem Science and Sustainability/NREL, CSU Retrieval and Analysis of Intermittent Stream Characteristics from Landsat TM Time Series
4/18 Jody Vogeler University of Minnesota/NREL Characterizing Forty Years of Forest Change: Applications in Forest and Wildlife Science in Minnesota
4/25 Kamini Singha Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines Examining Diel Fluctuations in Soil Moisture and Xylem Water in Coupled Tree-soil-bedrock Systems**
5/2 Dale Manning Agriculture and Resource Economics, CSU Linking Physical and Economic Models for Policy Evaluation

** On these dates, we will hold an informal reception after the seminar with complimentary drinks and light snacks.