NREL/ESS Soup & Science Spring 2019 Seminar Series Schedule

Reads: "Soup 'n Science 2019 spring seminar series"

Please join us each week to learn from the best and brightest at the cutting edge of sustainability and ecosystem science. Seminars are held each Friday from 12-1pm in Room 345 of the Smith (WCNR) Natural Resources Building, unless otherwise noted.

The NREL/ESS weekly Departmental Seminar Series has joined forces with the graduate student-led Soup & Science seminar series to bring you a weekly set of scientific talks. We will host researchers from CSU, invited speakers, and senior graduate students nearing completion of their degrees. Speakers highlight original research that connects the departmental foci of social, physical, and ecological sciences. Volunteers will provide soup every week. All seminars are free and open to the public, although donations are accepted for soup.

Date Location Presenter(s) Dept./Institution Affiliation Seminar Title or Topic
01/25 The Mayor of Old Town Ecosystem Science & Sustainability / Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory  Welcome back!  Join us for Happy Hour at 5pm!
02/01 No seminar
02/08 WCNR Room 345 Mike Wilkins Plant and Crop Sciences, CSU Deep Shales as Windows into Cryptic Carbon Cycling in the Terrestrial Subsurface
02/15 WCNR Room 345 Lou Swanson Vice President for Engagement and Director of CSU Extension; Professor of Sociology 21st Century Land Grant Universities: Returning To Our Roots or a New Public Identity?
02/22 Forestry 127 Robin Reid, Stacey Lynn, Keith Paustian, Gillian Bowser, John Moore Ecosystem Science & Sustainability / Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory Stakeholder engagement panel discussion
03/01 WCNR Room 345  Becca Barnes Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies, Colorado College Control Points for Nitrogen Dynamics Within the Tidal Freshwater Zone
03/08 WCNR Room 345 Steve DelGrosso (UDSA) et al. Governmental agency panel discussion
03/15 & 3/22 No seminar
03/29 Forestry 127 Tim Crews Director of Research and Lead Scientist, The Land Institute Ecology Program Shifting from input intensification to ecological intensification in agriculture, can perennial polycultures deliver?
04/05 WCNR Room 345 Steven Fassnacht, John Field, David Bunn, Bill Parton Research scientist short talks
04/12 WCNR Room 345 Katie Rocci, Tim Weinmann, Brian Woodward, Tony Vorster Ecosystem Science & Sustainability / Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory Graduate student short talks
04/19 WCNR Room 345 Dan Carver USDA Agricultural Research Service How google Earth Engine can help you: intro & tutorial
04/26 WCNR Room 345 Adena Rissman

Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin

Adapting conservation policy and ecosystem management to environmental change and novelty
05/03 WCNR Room 345 TBD
05/10 WCNR Room 345 Tim Covino Ecosystem Science & Sustainability / Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory Land-cover change and hydrologic connectivity in watersheds and along the river corridor

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