Century/DayCent Model Training Workshops

The DayCent model simulates fluxes of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur among the atmosphere, vegetation, and soil. This annual course illustrates these interactions through hands-on experience using the model.

Since 2004, researchers, post-docs, and graduate students have attended 5-day Century and DayCent model training workshops.  These workshops have been taught by NREL Research Scientists and Research Associates, namely Dr. Bill Parton, Dr. Dennis Ojima, Cindy Keough, Melannie Hartman, Steve Del Grosso, Steve Williams, and Mark Easter. The workshops have been held most frequently at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, but also other places both in the United States and abroad including Australia, Costa Rica, China, Mongolia, and Uruguay.

The main goals of Century and DayCent Model Training Workshop are:

  1. to provide attendees with information about the ecological and biological theories associated with the Century series of models
  2. to provide training on how to use the monthly Century and DayCent (Daily Century) models.  The ultimate goal is to get students comfortable using one or both of these models for their own research sites.
DayCent training session

During the first two days of the workshop we present lectures about the underlying ecological theories and objectives of the Century and DayCent models. We also work through example simulations together in class for different types of ecosystems (grassland, forest, cropland, savanna). During the final three days of the workshop model trainers will assist each student individually in setting up the model for their research. After the workshop we continue to provide guidance to the participants as they work with the model in their home institutions.

For more information about upcoming Century and DayCent workshops, please contact Dr. Melannie Hartman at Melannie.Hartman@colostate.edu