Dave Swift

Water buffalo
Glacier atop a mountain.
Dave Swift posing with African boy
Impala in African plains
Camels in the wild of Africa

Dave Swift - Biography

Dave Swift Biography

I started my career at the NREL in 1970 when I became the coordinator of computer programming and data processing for the Grassland Biome Program of the USIBP.   Since then I have worked on a variety of research projects involving Colorado wildlife (funded by the Colorado Division of Wildlife) and on projects investigating the ecology of subsistence pastoralism in East Africa (funded by NSF and USDAID); and other projects as well, including work in Pakistan, China, Morocco, Ethiopia and the Philippines. I completed my Ph.D. from the Animal Sciences Department at CSU in 1985, with the understanding that I did not wish to become an animal scientist but preferred to remain an ecologist.

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