Ed Hall

Water analysis apparatus
Trey holding underwater plants
Photo of underwater plants with lake and mountains in background
Dr. Ed Hall
glacier flowing into river

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Curriculum Vitae

Ed Hall

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
(970) 491-2162
Fort Collins, CO 80523


  • B.S. in Biology from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
  • Ph.D. in Ecology from University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN


  • USGS Mendenhall Fellow Fort Collins, Colorado, 2011
  • Fulbright Scholar, Honduras, C.A., 2013


Long-term reactive nitrogen loading alters soil carbon and microbial community properties in a subalpine forest ecosystem.y on the composition and function of hyporheic stream biofilms

Soil Biology and Biochemistry, in press, 2015

Boot, C.M., Hall, E.K., Denef, K. and Baron, J.S.

Carbon subsidies affect planktonic niche partitioning and recruitment of bacteria to marine biofilms

Frontiers in Aquatic Microbiology, 6:703, 2015

Pepe-Ranney, C.P. and Hall, E.K.


Similar controls on planktonic respiration from the smallest to the largest freshwater ecosystems

Inland Waters, in press, 2015

Hall, E.K., Schoolmaster, D.K., Amado, A.M., Domine, L. Stets, E.G. Cotner, J.B., Lennon, J.T.


Linking microbial and ecosystem ecology using ecological stoichiometry: a synthesis of conceptual and empirical approaches

Ecosystems, 14(2): 261-273, 2011

Hall, EK, Maixner F, Franklin O, Daims H, Richter A & Battin T