Ed Hall

Water analysis apparatus
Trey holding underwater plants
Photo of underwater plants with lake and mountains in background
Dr. Ed Hall
glacier flowing into river

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Ed Hall Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Graduate Students

Casey Barby

Casey Barby is a master’s student within the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology working under the advisor Dr. Ed Hall.  Casey completed his undergraduate degree at Colorado State University in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology with a concentration in Fish and Aquatic Sciences.  Casey is interested in watershed assessment, aquatic and terrestrial trophic interactions, and C:N:P ratios/loading and how they affect the overall trophic state of freshwater systems.

Jemma Fadum

Jemma graduated from CSU in 2016 with a degree in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability. She worked in Dr. Hall’s lab as an undergraduate and after a brief stint in outdoor education has returned to Fort Collins to pursue a Ph.D. in Ecology.  She is interested in the uses of stable isotopes and microbial consortia selection within the field of applied ecology. Jemma has a particular interest in tropical ecosystems. 

Brian Wolff

I am a Ph.D. student in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology at Colorado State University, working with Dr. William Clements and Dr. Edward Hall. I am primarily focusing on a project evaluating the effects of historical mining activities on aquatic macroinvertebrate and microbial communities of the Upper Arkansas River, near Leadville, Colorado. Specifically, I am interested how contaminates influence the structure of microbial communities, and subsequent effects on processes in stream ecosystems.

Undergraduate Students

Lydia Kimball

I’m a third year undergraduate in the Warner College of Natural Resources. More specifically my major is watershed science. I intend to focus on watershed health through the analysis of microbial community composition and interaction. Before attending Colorado State University, I completed my first two years at Southern Oregon University studying microbiology. I work under Dr. Ed Hall and Dr.Mike Manzella in the Natural Resource Ecology Lab. Our project aims to determine the microbial composition of samples from lake Yajoa in Honduras.

Former Lab Members

Mike Manzella

Dr. Mike Manzella was a post-doctoral researcher in NREL who worked Dr. Ed Hall. Mike completed his doctorate work at Michigan State University with Dr. Reguera and Dr. Kashefi on an interdisciplinary project focusing on iron-respiring anaerobic hyperthermophiles. Mike has applied his expertise to a microbial ecology project focused on C:N:P stoichiometry in freshwater systems.  Determining the C:N:P ratio of individual, untreated, bacterial cells while simultaneously relating this signal to phylogeny is novel, and will open new avenues in ecological modeling. Upon completion of this project, Mike plans on teaching (micro)biology at a small, primarily undergraduate, institution where he can focus on teaching while mentoring undergraduates in the lab. Mike is currently an Instructor in the Department of Biology at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana

Krista Harrington

Krista Harrington was an undergraduate student investigating Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. After graduating in Fall 2017, she wishes to pursue graduate school in Water Resource Management or Nearshore and Estuary Ecology, in hopes of working in public outreach and education for an NGO. She’s an avid tree hugger, soil inspector, environmentalist, and biophiliac.

Sasha Stauffer

Sasha Stauffer is an undergraduate majoring in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability. She came to work for the Hall Lab through the SUPER program where she researched the stimulation of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria. She now uses her knowledge of water chemistry to study lakes on the front range. She hopes to continue her work in ecology after graduation.

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