Francesca Cotrufo

Curriculum Vitae

Francesca Cotrufo, PhD
Dept. Soil and Crop Sciences     tel: (970) 4916056
Colorado State University    fax: (970) 4911965
Fort Collins, CO, USA


1991    Laurea in Biology, University of Naples, Italy (110/110 + laude)

1995    Ph.D.  Soil Ecology, Lancaster University/Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, UK

Positions Held

2008- date       Full Professor, Dept. of Soil and Crop Sciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA

2008-date        Senior Scientist, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University

2006-2008       Full Professor, Dept. Environmental Sciences, Second University of Naples, Italy

2000-2006       Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Second University of Naples

1994-2000        Research Scientist, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Second University of Naples

Research Projects

2016       Quantification of pyrogenic carbon in the EU LUCAS soil samples, European Commission (PI: ϵ 14,592).

2016:      Study of the effects of engineered biocarbon  and microbial amendments on maize production under full and limited irrigation (PI: $ 19,880).

2015-2018: Measurement and Modeling of Soil C Storage and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from

Southern Pine Biofuel Feedstocks, Shell (co-PI: $620,955)

2015-2017: Toward a reduction in the environmental impacts of energy production from slash pine: Understanding potential for soil C sequestration and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, CSU-Shell (PI, $160,000)

2014-2015: US-Switzerland-Australia Site Visits: Expanding and Advancing Black Carbon Research through new International Collaborations, NSF-CNIC (PI, $50,000).

2014-2019: Biofuel Feedstocks from Beetle-Killed Wood: Bioenergy Alliance Network of the Rockies (BANR), USDA-NIFA (Co-PI; $9,850,000)

2014-2015: Developing scholarly excellence across the aquatic-terrestrial interface: Understanding the hydro-bio-geo-chemistry of extreme events, CSU Water Center (Co-PI; $24,982).

2013-2016: Understanding litter input controls on soil organic matter turnover and formation are essential for improving carbon-climate feedback predictions for Arctic, tundra ecosystems, DOE (co_PI; $898,997)

2013-2015: “Critical need for continued growth & expansion of the EcoCore Analytical Facility”. CSU VPR (Co-PI; $66,368).

2013-2016: Decision Support Tools, Drought Tolerance, and Innovative Soil and Water Management Strategies to Adapt Semi-arid Irrigated Cropping Systems to Drough, USDA-CIG (CSU-PI; $880,000)

2012-2013: “Full accounting of pyrogenic-C dynamics at the watershed scale: a unique opportunity offered by the High Park Fire”, NSF (PI; $197,000)

2012-2013:  Research Experience for Undergraduate, NSF (PI; $7,500).

2012-2013:  Research Experience for Teachers, NSF (PI; $15,000).

2011-2014: “Soils, Land Use and Climate Change: a new Baccalaureate concentration”. USDA-NIFA-HEC (PI, $174,617).

2011-2013: “EcoCore: Rebranding and Refurbishing the Natural Resource Ecology Analytical

Laboratory to Address an Evolving Mission”. CSU VPR (Co-PI; $179,102).

2011-2012: “Biochar for the Colorado agricultural industry: a research assessment of energy, economic and environmental benefits. 2011 Advancing Colorado’s Renewable Energy Grant Program, Colorado Department of Agriculture (PI; $49,909).

2011-2012:  Research Experience for Undergraduate, NSF (PI; $7,500).

2011-2012:  Research Experience for Teachers, NSF (PI; $15,000).

2010-2011: “Women, Population and the Environment” – Global Challenge Research Team, School for the Global Environment and Sustainability, Colorado State University (PI; $14,600).

2010-2011: “Biochar: an assessment of potential energy, environmental and economic benefits”. CSU – Green Energy Supercluster internal seed grant (PI; $20,000).

2010-2011:  Research Experience for Teachers, NSF (PI; $15,000).

2009-2113: “A novel experimental and modeling study of C and N dynamics between litter, soil and the atmosphere as affected by soil fauna and litter quality” (Bluestem) NSF (PI; $798,491).

2010-2011: “Summer Soil Institute: Addressing Environmental Changes and Emerging Techniques from Microbial to Global Scales”. USDA CSREES AFRI (Co-PI; $149,859)

2009-2010: “Salt Cedar and Russian Olive Demonstration Act (HR2720) Science Assessment and Ongoing Invasive Species-related Research Projects” (Tamarisk). Forest Service USDA (PI; $123,500)

2008-2010 “Impatto della conversione di agroecosistemi da seat-aside a coltivazione per biocarburanti sul carbonio organico del suolo e sulle emissioni di gas ad effetto serra”. PRIN-MIUR (CoPI; € 42,000).

2006-2011: NITROEUROPE IP, European Community VII Framework program, (Steering Committee Member, Activity Leader, PI; € 247,000)

2006-2009: CARBOITALY, FISR Italian Ministry of University and Research -MIUR (Unit coordinator, PI; € 520,100)

2007:      “Carbon isotope tracing in forest ecosystems”. Galileo 2007 Italy-France exchange program (Responsible for the Italian team; € 8,500).

2005-2007: “Advanced laser techniques to investigate carbon isotope discrimination during decomposition”, ToK Marie Curie Project, European Community VII Framework (Coordinator; €107,882).

2004-2009: CARBOEUROPE IP, European Community VII Framework program, (Internal Advisory Board Member, PI; € 70,000)

2004-2006: “Conventional and accelerator mass spectrometry in archaeometry and environmental sciences”, Italian Ministry of University and Research, MIUR_PRIN (Co_PI; €30,000)

2003-2006: “An integrated European scientific infrastructure for global change studies on forest and agroforest ecosystems utilizing FACE Technology- EUROFACE”, European Community VI Framework program, (Coordinator of the Work Package 8: Determinants of C losses and decomposition, PI; €72,000).

2003-2006: “Mediterranean ecosystems under increasing drought- MIND”, European Community VI Framework program, (Coordinator of the Work Package 3: Soil C fluxes, Co_PI; €70,000).

2003-2006: “Novel physics methodology in ecological research”- International PhD course program, MIUR (Coordinator; € 57,000).

2003-2005: “Implementation and use of an innovative isotope methodology for the quantification of C fluxes and stores in soils”. Project funded by the Assessorato alla Ricerca Scientifica della Regione Campania, Legge 5 (Coordinator; €38,700).

2002-2004: “Development and application of isotopic methodologies in environmental research – DAIMER”, ToK Marie Curie Project, European Community V Framework (Co_PI; €50,000).

2001-2006: “Carbon Storage in European Grasslands”, European Community COST Action 627 (Coordinator of WP1: “Plant, soil and soil organisms”, Italian Delegate).

2001-2004: “Development and application of isotopic methodologies to environmental science research”- International PhD course program, MIUR (Coordinator, €38,218)

2000-2003: “Forest carbon-nitrogen trajectories: FORCAST”, European Community V Framework (PI; €136,070).

2000-2008: PIANOSALAB project (LTER and Fluxnet Italian site), National Research Council (Steering committee member, PI).

1998-2001: “A FACE experiment on a short rotation poplar plantation – POPFACE”, European Community IV Framework (Investigator)

1996-1999: “Carbon and Nitrogen interactions in Forest ecosystems – CANIF”, European Community IV Framework (Investigator)

1995-1998: SAVAFLUX, European Community IV Framework (Co-PI)

1994-1997: MEGARICH, European Community IV Framework (Investigator)

Research Fellowships and International Collaborations

2015: OECD Research Fellow and visiting scientist at the Joint Research Center of the European Union.

2012 to date: Research Collaboration with Prof. Peter Grace, Brisbane University Australia, on the CFF project.

2009 to date: Research Collaboration with Profs. Ivan Jansen and Reinhart Ceulemans, University of Anterwerpen (Belgium) on the inpair-P project and other projects.

2008 to date: Research collaboration with Dr. Sebastien Fontaine, INRA (Clermont-Ferrand, France) on a research project for the study of priming effects in different soil organic matter fractions of world soils.

2008: Research collaboration with Dr. Jerome Ngao, INRA (Clermont-Ferrand, France) on a research project for the study of isotopic discrimination and litter chemistry changes during litter decomposition.

2005: Short term Research visit at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and at the University of Duke to conduct a dendroecology study at the forest FACE facilities.

2004 and 2005:  Short term Research visits at the Dept. of Biology University of Illinois, Urbana, upon invitation of Prof. Steve Long, to advise on soil studies conducted at the SoyFACE.

2000:   Short term Research visit at the Dept. of Biology, University of San Diego, upon invitation of Prof. Walter Oechel, to conduct soil study at the Open Top Chamber facility of Sky Oak, CA.

1998: Smithsonian Institution Research fellowship for a three months research visit at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Centre. During this period, field work was conducted at the FACE facilities at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, at Duke University and at the Smithsonian field station at the Kennedy Space Centre, NASA. Isotope analyses were performed at the Isotope Laboratory, Utah University.

1996: EU COST Action 619 Research Fellowship for a one moth research visit at AB-DLO, Wageningen, NL

1995: European Environmental Research Organization Research Fellowship for a three months research visit at AB-DLO, Wageningen, NL.

1994-95: British Council Research Fellowship to conduct research at ITE Merlewood, UK.

Teaching and Education


Course leader (Colorado State University, Dept. of Soil and Crop Sciences)

Graduate course: “Terrestrial Ecosystems Isotope Ecology”, SOCR670 – spring semester odd years

Undergraduate course: “Soil and Global Change: Science and Impacts”, SOCR400 – fall semester

Graduate Course: “Soil and Global Change Science and Impacts”, SOCR500 – fall semester (proposed)

On-line course: “Soil and Global Change: Science and Impacts”, SOCR400 (in development)

Seminar: “Litter decomposition:  re-considering paradigms and methods”, ECOL592- Fall 2011

Co-Instructor (Colorado State University, Dept. of Soil and Crop Sciences)

Undergraduate course: “Soil Ecology”, SOCR441 – spring semester


Summer Schools

Instructor for the module on “Soil Organic Matter dynamics and stable isotopes”  in the: Summer Soil Institute: Addressing Environmental Challenges with Current and Emerging Techniques from Microbial to Global Scales,, CSU, every summer.


Classes taught

Course leader (Second University of Naples)

Undergraduate course: “Applied Ecology”, spring semester (every year), Dept. of Environmental Sciences.

II level degree course “Global Environmental Changes”, Fall semester (every year), Dept. of Environmental Sciences.

II level degree course “Conservation Biology”, Fall semester (every year), Dept. of Environmental Sciences.

Graduate course “Biogeochemical Cycles”, flexible (every other year), Dept. of Environmental Sciences.

Graduate series of seminars on “Technique of presentation of scientific results”, flexible (every other year), Dept. of Environmental Sciences.


Guest lecturer

2014: In the course: “Ecosystem Ecology”, NR 601, Colorado State University

2013 to date: In the course: “Bioenergy”, AGRI/ENGR 601, CSU

2012 to date: In the course: “SUPER: Skills for Undergraduate Participation in Ecological Research”, CSU

2011 to date: In the course: “Ecosystem Ecology”, RS 351, Colorado State University

2008 to date: In the course: “Soil-Plant-nutrient relationships”, Colorado State University

2010 to 2013: In the course: “Global Change Ecology, Impacts and Mitigation”, Colorado State University

2001: Course:  “Global Change and Water Resources in the Mediterranean Region”, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Toledo (Spain), RICAMARE project course.


Commissioned Courses

2011: “Energy Policies Toward a Better World–the U.S. and the EU.” For the course “Colorado Council for Economic Education” (CCEE), Denver, CO.

2005: “Environment and Environmental matrices” for the professional course on  Tecnico Superiore Ambiente, Energia e Sicurezza (in azienda), P.O.R. Campania Region.

2000: “Ecology” for the High qualification course on Esperto del trasferimento di tecnologie per la tutela e valorizzazione dei beni Ambientali, Ministry of University and Research

1999- “Ecology” for a professional course on: Responsabile del sistema di gestione ambientale.


Invited Seminars

  • Accademia dei Gergofili, Firenze (I)
  • AB-DLO at Arhem and at Wageninghen (NL)
  • of Biological Sciences dell’Università di Lancaster (UK)
  • of Biology, University of Antwerp (NL)
  • of Biology, University of Illinois, Urbana (USA)
  • of Biology, University of Milan Bicocca (IT)
  • of Biology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City (USA)
  • of Forest & Rangeland Stewardship, Colorado State University (USA)
  • Dept. of Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine (USA)
  • Dept. of Soil Science and Biogeochemistry, University of Zurich (CH)
  • of Soil & Crop Sciences, Colorado State University (USA)
  • DISAFRI, University of Tuscia, Viterbo (IT)
  • ETH, Zurich (CH)
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Bologna (IT)
  • Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, NERC, Grange-o-Sands (UK)
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee (USA)
  • NREL, Colorado State University (USA)
  • Soil Science Unit, Technical University of Munich (D)
  • Smithsonian Environmental Research Centre, Maryland, (USA)


Graduate student program


2003-06: International PhD course in “Novel Physics Methodologies for Ecological Research”. Financed by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR), in collaboration with the University of Bochum (Germany), the University of York (UK), the University of Udine (Italy) and the International Center for Theoretic Physics, Trieste (Italy).

2001-04: International PhD course in “Isotope Methodologies for Environmental Science Research”. Financed by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR), in collaboration with the University of Bochum (Germany), the University of York (UK), the University of Udine (Italy), CNR_IAS, Porano (Italy).


Graduate Student Advisor

2016-date: Bethany Avera (PhD), Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, Colorado State University

2016-date: Samantha Moser (PhD), Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, Colorado State University

2014-date: Matt Ramlow (PhD), Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, Colorado State University

2014-date: Yamina Pressler (PhD), Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, Colorado State University

2013-date: Sarah Fulton-Smith (PhD), Soil and Crop Sciences, Colorado State University

2013-date: Erica Foster (MS), Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, Colorado State University

2011-2014: Andrew J. Horton, (MS), Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, Colorado State University

2009-2014: Jennifer Soong (PhD), Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, Colorado State University

2006-2010 Andrea Veturi (PhD), Thesis: “Characterization of soil organic matter in the soil of European ecosystem under contrasting land uses, by means of physical and chemical fractionation procedures”. International Graduate Degree Program in “Novel physics methodology in ecological research”, Second University of Naples

2003-06  Daniela Piermatteo (PhD). Thesis: “Modeling C and N cycles in Mediterranean terrestrial ecosystems”, International Graduate Degree Program in “Novel physics methodology in ecological research”, Second University of Naples

2003-06  Fabio Marzaioli (PhD), Thesis:“Assessing soil organic matter dynamics by means of 14C bomb spike: a feasible tool to predict terrestrial ecosystem response to climate global changes”, International Graduate Degree Program in “Novel physics methodology in ecological research”, Second University of Naples (Co-Advisor)

2002-05  Ilaria Inglima (PhD), Thesis: “Soil respiration in Mediterranean Ecosystems”. Graduate Degree Program in “Implementation and application of isotopic methodology in environmental sciences research”, Second University of Naples

2002-05  Mauro Rubino (PhD), Thesis: “Stable C isotopes as a  mean to trace C fluxes during litter decomposition”. Graduate Degree Program in “Implementation and application of isotopic methodology in environmental sciences research”, Second University of Naples (Co-Advisor)

2001-04  Ilaria Del Galdo (PhD), Thesis: “Soil organic carbon dynamics and global change: the effects of land use change and increased atmospheric CO2 concentration”,  International Graduate Degree Program in “Implementation and application of isotopic methodology in environmental sciences research”, Second University of Naples

2001-04  Giovanna Battipaglia (PhD), Thesis: “ Relationship between width and C and O stable isotope in tree growth rings as proxies for the tree ecophysiology and climate change: 3 case studies in European forest from Swiss Alps to Mediterranean Basin”, International Graduate Degree Program in “Implementation and application of isotopic methodology in environmental sciences research”, Second University of Naples

1999-2002 Raffaele A. De Pascale (PhD), Thesis: “C and N dynamics in leaf litter decomposition across a transect of European forests”, Graduate Degree Program in “Ecology” Univ. of Naples



2015 to date     Faculty of the CSU School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES)

2014 to date     Faculty of the CSU Water Center

2011-to 2014   Faculty of the NSF IGERT MAS BioEnergy Program

2010 to date     Faculty and member of the organizing committee of the Summer Soil Institute

2008-to date    Faculty of the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, Colorado Sate University

2006 to 2008   Faculty of the International PhD course in Novel Physics Methodologies for Environmental Research, Second University of Naples, Italy


Graduate Student Committees

2015                External Examiner for Huda Alghanasi’s PhD dissertation, University Putra Malysia

2013-to-date    Doctoral Committee Member for Laurel Linch , GDPE, CSU

2013-to-date    Doctoral Committee Member for Phasita Toonsiri, Soil and Crop Sciences, CSU

2013-2014       Master Committee Member for Drew Bingham, GDPE, CSU

2013-to-date    Doctoral Committee Member for Charlotte Alster , GDPE, CSU

2013                External Examiner for N. Singh’s PhD dissertation, University of Zurich

2012-to-date    Doctoral Committee Member for Trung Nguyen, Soil and Crop Sciences, CSU

2012-2015       Doctoral Committee Member for Jennifer Rocca , GDPE, CSU

2012-2014       Doctoral Committee Member for Suzanne Brant , Dept. of Anthropology, CSU

2012-2013       Doctoral Committee Member for Carolyn Hoagland, Soil and Crop Sciences, CSU

2011-2015       Doctoral Committee Member for Nell Campbell, IGERT Biofuel & GDPE, CSU

2010- to date   Doctoral Committee Member for Paul Brewer, Dept. of Biology, CSU

2010- 2015      Doctoral Committee Member for Jocelyn Lavallee, GDPE, CSU

2010- 2014      Doctoral Committee Member for Mohamed Abulobaida, Soil and Crop Sciences, CSU

2009- 2013      Doctoral Committee Member for Zachary Sylvain, Dept. of Biology, CSU

2010-2012       Master Committee Member for Ashley , Biology, CSU

2010- 2012      Master Committee Member for Brooke Osborne, GDPE, CSU

2009- 2011      Doctoral Committee Member for A. Biagi Harper , Dept. of Atmospheric Science, CSU

  • External examiner for PhD dissertation, University of Viterbo, Italy


Post-doctoral and Research Scientist supervision

2012-2014: Dr. Claudia Boot. Project: BC-RAPID

2010-2011: Dr. Karolien Denef. Project: Bluestem

2009-2010: Dr. Catherine Stewart. Project: Tamarisk

2005-2008: Dr. Ilaria Del Galdo. Projects: Carboeurope/Nitroeurope

2006-2008: Dr. Ilaria Inglima. Project: Carboitaly

2006-2008: Dr. Jerome Ngao. Project: Alice

2006-2007:   Dr. Mauro Rubino. Project: Campania Region Legge 5 (Co-supervisor)

2005-2007:   Dr. Giovanna Battipaglia. Projects: EuroFACE/Nitroeurope

2002-2004:   Dr. Jens Arne Subke. Project: Daimer


Faculty & University Services

2016:               Search committee member, Dept. of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, CSU

2015 to date:    Chair of the Research Committee, and Research Advisor to the Head of the Dep. of Soil and Crop Science, CSU

2014:               Search committee member, Dept. of Soil and Crop Science, CSU

2012 to date:    Member of the Colorado State University Faculty Council

2012 to 2014:  Member of the Executive Committee of the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, CSU

2012 to date:    Designated Representative for CSU on the International Memorandum of Understanding (IMOU) between the University of Vienna Bokum (Austria) and CSU.

2011 to date:    Co-Director of Eco-Core, a CSU core facility.

2011 to date:    Member of the Executive Committee of the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, CSU.

2011:               Search committee member, EcoCore, Natural Resource Ecology lab, CSU

2010:               Search committee member, Natural Resource Ecology lab, Colorado State University

2010 to date:    Designated Representative for CSU on the International Memorandum of Understanding (IMOU) between the Second University of Naples (Italy) and CSU.

2009 to date:    Director of the Stable Isotope Laboratory, Natural Resource Ecology lab, CSU

2009:               Member (substitute) for the College of Agricultural Sciences of the Committee on Scholarship, Research and Graduate Education of Colorado State University

2004-2008:      Chair of Departmental Committee and College delegate for the Committee for the Orientation of incoming, enrolled and outgoing students, Second University of Naples, I

2006-2008:      Member of the Committee for the Student exchange program, Second University of Naples,

Professional Services

Editorial Boards

2003 to date     Global Change Biology (Editor; IF: 8.224)

2005 to 2007   Ecology letters (Editor; IF: 13.042)

2005 to date     Plant and Soil (Advisory Board of Editors/ Guest Editor of 2 Special Issues; IF: 3.225)


Reviewer – Journals

Nature, PNAS, Oecologia, Ecological Monograph, Ecosystem, Global Biogeochemical Cycle, Biogeosciences, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, New Phytologist, Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, Australian Journal of Plant Physiology, Biology and Fertility of Soils, etc.


Ad hoc Reviewer and Panelist for funding agencies

National Science Foundation (Divisions of Biological Sciences and of Geosciences)

European Research Council

European Science Foundation

National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (Italy)

Italia/Francia University exchange program

Provincia Autonoma di Trento (Italy)

UK National Environmental Research Council (UK)

Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek – Vlaanderen (Belgium)


Advisory Boards

2007:   Science Steering Group – Registry of Forest C sinks. Italian Ministry of the Environment

2006-2008: Member of the Scientific Advisory board for the WWF, Italy.

2005-2008: Delegate for the Second University of Naples – INNOVA. Regional Center of Competences for the Protection of the Campania Region Cultural and Environmental Heritage


Symposia Workshop and Conference Session Organization

August 2013: The Front Range Stable Isotope Symposium, Fort Collins, Colorado, 16 August, 2013 (Organizer).

May 2013: 4th International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter, Nanjing, China. May 5-10, 2013 (International Scientific Committee Member)

December 2012: Convener of the Session B026. From Plant Litter Decay to Soil Organic Matter Formation: The Missing Nexus, at the AGU Fall Meeting 2012

July 2008: International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter Dynamics: Land Use, Management and Global Change”, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA (member of the Scientific and Organizing committee)

November 2007: Final Conference of the ESF Programme “The Role of Soils in the Terrestrial Carbon Balance”, Pont à mousson, Nacy, France (Convenior of the session on: The impact of environmental factors on the diversity and function of the microbial communities)

February 2007: II Conference of the NITROEUROPE project, Paestum, Italy (Local Organizer, Scientific committee member)

September 2006: XVI National Conference of the Italian Ecological Society (S.It.E.), Viterbo, Italy (Scientific committee member).

May 2006: S.It.E. workshop on: “Teaching Ecology in School”, Rome, Italy (Organizer)

September 2005: XV National Conference of the S.It.E., Turin, Italy (Scientific committee member)

September 2004: JESIUM international symposium, Vienna, Austria (Convenior of the session on: Stable Isotope in the Atmosphere and Biosphere exchange).

October 2004:  CARBOEUROPE e COST Action 627 joint international workshop on: Partitioning soil CO2 efflux, Capri Italy (Organizer, Scientific committee board Leader)

June 2003: Workshop of the EU project: “Forest Carbon-Nitrogen Trajectories” (Organizer).

2000:  Exibition on “Biodiversity”, Fondazione IDIS, Città della Scienza, Napoli (Scientific advisor)

2000-05 Working Group 1: Plant, Soil and Soil Organisms, COST Action 627: Carbon Storage in European Grasslands, meetings, Dublin (Ireland), Ghent (Belgium), Florence and Capri (Italy), Scientific Committee Leader and Organizer.

September 1998: Global Change in Terrestrial Ecosystems (GCTE)- COST Action 619, joint workshop on: Litter Quality and Decomposition under Elevated Atmospheric CO2 , Capri, Italy (Local organizer, Scientific committee member)

September 1996: VII National meeting of the S.It.E, Naples, Italy (Organiser committee member)


Media products

RAI-educational, Guest in the EXPLORA programs on “Millennium Ecosystem Assessment” and “Natural Forests vs Forest Plantations”

RAI-Utile, Guest in the discussion programs on “Environmental Science in the education and public awareness” and “The state of frontier-edge international scientific research in Italy”

North Forty News, March 12, 2012, Cited in “Turmoil over soil: A climate-warming wildcard”

North Forty News, February 7, 2013, Cited in “CSU researchers study black carbon to learn environmental impact of wildfire” –

InnovatioNews, February 8, 2013, Cited in “CSU researchers get$200k to study environmental impact of wildfire black carbon”-

You tube video,

Membership in Professional Societies

American Geophysical Union

American Ecological Society

Soil Ecology Society

Soil Science Society of America

Italian Ecological Society_ S.It.E. (Steering committee member from 2005 to 2008)

British Ecological Society (1994- 2005)


2013: OECD Co-operative Research Program Fellow ($11,000)

2011 to date: Donor award to the “Cotrufo-Hoppess fund for soil ecology research” ($180,000)

2011 to date: Donor award to the  “Cotrufo-Hoppess equipment fund for isotopic analyses” ($1000)

2010: NREL Outstanding Advisor

1998: Smithsonian Institution Research Fellow.

1996: EU COST Action 619 Research Fellow.

1995: European Environmental Research Organization Research Fellow.

1995: Wolf Vishniac Award for Excellence, XII International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1994-95: British Council Research Fellow.

Outreach Activities

2016: Presentation to the Bolder County, entitled: “A possible climate-smart solution to organic waste:
Biochar”. April 12th , 2016.

2015-2016: Development of the “Enrichment Science Program” for Bennett Elementary, Fort Collins.

2014: Lecturer in the Webinar for science teachers: “Biochar for a sustainable future: from the global to the molecular scale”,

2013: Invited Speaker in the event: “Extending Carbon and Water: Taking it to the Next Level”, for K-12 teachers. CSU, February 23rd, 2013

2013: Invited Speaker at the Conference of the Colorado Science Education Network: “Earth, Water, and Fire: Engaging Students in Colorado Issues”. CSU, February 13th, 2013

2012: Proposer and Panellist for the “The Biochar Solution, Facts vs. Fiction”. SoGES Managing the Planet panel series event. Fort Collins, November 14th, 2012.

2012: Lecturer in the “Carbon Station Day”: An hands-on research experience for science students at Fossil

Ridge High School.

2012-2013: Research Experience for Teacher (RET) Advisor of Ms. Kathleen E. Guilbert, a 5th grader science teacher at Bella Romero Elementary (92% minority/low-income population) for the design and delivery of an hands-on research experience on decomposition. This work resulted in Ms Guilbert’s presentation at the AGU and her students presentation at the FRSES.

2011: Lecturer for the Colorado Council for Economic Education, of the course entitled: “the Energy Policies Toward a Better World – the US and EU”, for high-school teachers.

2011-2012: RET Advisor of Mrs Laura Grissom, a science teacher at the Fossil

Ridge High School

2011: Invited Speaker for the “Ground-up 3” event, Poudre Learning Centre, June 7th, 2011

2010-2011: RET Advisor of Ms Jessie Kneisler, an environmental science teacher at a Sherwood High School in Sherwood Oregon.


International Refereed Journals:

  1. Lavallee, J.M., Conant, R.T., Paul, E.A. and Cotrufo, M.F. (in review). Incorporation of shoot versus root-derived 13C and 15N into mineral-associated organic matter fractions: elucidating mechanisms using a litter-soil slurry incubation. Biogeochemistry
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  3. Ramlow M, and Cotrufo M. F. (2017) Woody biochar’s greenhouse gas mitigation potential across fertilized and non-fertilized agricultural soils, and soil moisture regimes. Global Change Biology Bioenergy. doi: 10.1111/gcbb.12474
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  6. Rhoades, C. Minatre, K., Pierson, D., Fegel, T., Cotrufo, M.F. and Kelly, E. (2017) Examining the Potential of Forest Residue-Based Amendments for Post-Wildfire Rehabilitation in Colorado, USA. Scientifica, org/10.1155/2017/4758316
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Cotrufo M.F. (2013) From Litter decomposition to SOM Formation: What are we missing? ASA-CSSA-SSSA annual meeting, Tampa 3-8 November, 2013.

Cotrufo M.F. From Litter decomposition to soil organic matter formation: through the eyes of isotopes. Front Range Isotope Day. Laramie, Wyoming. August 2012

Cotrufo M.F. Advancing the understanding of plant-soil atmosphere C and N exchanges by stable isotope techniques. Isotope Mass Spectrometry Meeting. Trento, Italy April 2012

Cotrufo M.F. Detecting Changes in Soil Carbon. G-Scan meeting. Florence, April 2011

Cotrufo M.F. Above-ground litter decomposition experiments: moving beyond mass loss. AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco 13-17 December, 2010

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