Matthew Wallenstein

Researchers discuss tomato plant growth in a greenhouse
Pivot irrigation
Laurel Lynch sampling plants
Dropper of test material going in flask
Students tending test flowers in greenhouse

Matthew Wallenstein - Biography


Dr. Wallenstein earned his PhD in Ecology from Duke University in 2004.  With funding from NSF, USDA, DOE, and others, he has published over 80 manuscripts spanning topics in the field soil microbial ecology.  He has received numerous awards including the NSF CAREER award and the Jack Cermak award for Graduate Advising.  He has held numerous leadership positions including Director of the Enzymes in the Environment research coordination network, President of the Soil Ecology Soceity, and Director of the Innovation Center for Sustainable Agriculture. He is also a co-founder and chairman of Growcentia, Inc, a venture-backed startup focused on microbial solutions to improve nutrient use efficiency and agricultural productivity.