Stephanie Kampf

Erosion in burn area after rain event.
African students with animal posters done in local style
Mountain lake.
Sampling in the backcountry on skies
Interviewing local women in Kenya


The Cache la Poudre River: From Snow to Flow

This interactive story map about the hydrology of the Cache la Poudre Watershed can be used as a visual learning module for students in middle school and beyond. It introduces students to hydrologic concepts while utilizing a web-based application from ESRI Story Maps and ArcGIS Online to connect these lessons to real locations.

For more information visit the Snow to Flow Education Page.

Check out this video describing the Watershed Science Program!

  • WR304, Sustainable Watersheds:  Introduces students to key watershed science and management concepts.  Course content includes the physical processes affecting water and sediment movement and how these processes interact with ecosystems and human activities.  Syllabus
  • WR416, Land Use Hydrology:  Presents fundamental concepts in the science of hydrology with a focus on how land use affects hydrologic processes.  Course content includes precipitation, land surface energy budget, subsurface flow, runoff generation, channel flow, and hillslope processes. Syllabus
  • WR440, Watershed Problem Analysis: Capstone course for the Watershed Science Major. Students complete an independent watershed analysis project based on water issues at Copper Mountain or another location of their choice. Syllabus


  • WR616, Hillslope Hydrology and Runoff Processes:  Readings course that covers seminal papers and current research on flow processes at hillslope to small catchment scale.   Syllabus

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