community based science supports your research by providing tools and resources that allow you to customize your scientific procedure – all in one location on the internet.

As your partner in research, provides tools for the entire research process including: creating new projects, managing project members, building custom data sheets, analyzing collected data, and gathering participant feedback.

Citizen science empowers individuals to pursue their interests in the scientific world through developing and implementing projects using the scientific method. As a member of, you are encouraged to investigate your own scientific questions or jump on board as a volunteer for an existing project. stands out for its customization features that allow you to include your creativity into your research!

Our Roots was developed through the Natural Resources Ecology Lab (NREL) at Colorado State University as an initiative to promote citizen involvement in scientific research. Initial funding came from the National Science Foundation (NSF) under grant OCI-0636213.

We are partnering with Citizen Science Central to connect our volunteer coordinators with resources to help guide them in starting citizen science programs. We also collaborate with the citizen science data management working group of the DataONE program to facilitate data sharing and stewardship.

We’re Growing!

To date, our volunteer coordinators have started 407 projects that have contributed a total of 695,211 measurements for analysis to answer local, regional and/or global questions.