The DEVELOP program in Fort Collins was launched in 2012, and has between 24 and 30 participants each year, according to Brian Woodward, CSU graduate student and lead organizer of the program.

Applications for the summer term will be accepted until Feb. 12. DEVELOP participants are hired as contractors, through the DEVELOP National Program Office, with the pay rate set depending on the level of education.

CSU Research Scientist Paul Evangelista is the director and science advisor for NASA DEVELOP at CSU. Please contact him with any question concerning the NASA DEVELOP program at Colorado State Univerity.

Summer 2017 Term:

  • Application Window: Closed
  • Term Dates: June 5 – August 11

Fall 2017 Term:

  • Application Window: May 22 – June 30
  • Letters of Recommendation Due: July 14
  • Applicant Notifications: August
  • Term Dates: September 11 – November 17

Spring 2018 Term:

  • Application Window: August 28 – October 6
  • Letters of Recommendation Due: October 20
  • Applicant Notifications: December
  • Term Dates: January 22 – March 30