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Student Research Projects 2017-18

The SUPER Program pairs students with mentors to conduct guided research projects in the spring semester. These projects are highly variable, with some students collecting field data, others focusing more on the development of methods, and still others focusing on analyzing existing data.

2017-18 Student Research Projects

Student Mentor Project
Tamera Breidenbach Sarah Whipple & Dr. Gillian Bowser, NREL iNaturalist and citizen science
Valeria Cintora Dr. DENNIS OJIMA, NREL, NCCSC Evapotranspiration and climate analysis of different regions
Andrea Fairfield Dr. Jill Baron, NREL Mapping the transboundary policies effecting water pollution on the Nooksack-Fraser River.
Nichole Franco Dr. David Bunn, NREL Water Quality
Will Gnesda Dr. Stacy Lynn, NREL EA-IRES:  Water systems research in drylands of Africa
DaQuan Jewell Dr. Gillian Bowser, NREL Pollinator restoration project
Samantha Mahoney Dr. Stacy Lynn, NREL EA-IRES: Traditional knowledge of wildlife movement responses to environmental factors
Denna Martinez Rosie Duncan Effects of dust on snow albedo
Brian Orth Allie Rhea Nutrient Limitations in response to fire
Spencer Rhea Dr. Stacy Lynn EA-IRES: Water quality and equity in East Africa
Anam Riaz Dr. Joshua Schaeffer, CVMBS Environmental Health and Ecosystem Studies
Emily Sinkular Dr. Jessica Thorn, NREL Participatory scenario development: Socio-ecological mountain systems
Makenna Smith Dr. Stacy Lynn, NREL EA-IRES: How precipitation variance affects groundwater use in a Tanzanian dryland
Amanda Spidel Shabana Hoosein, NREL Ectomycorrhizal Root morphotyping
Jesse Stahl Dr. Dennis Ojima Wildlife and climate change
Yanyu Wang Dr. Steve DelGrosso, NREL & Dr. Catherine Stewart, USDA Modeling greenhouse gas to predict future land management
Felix Yepa Dr. John Moore Mycorrhizae and sustainable agriculture
Ran Zong Dr. Julie Heinrichs Sagegrouse populations and transmission lines