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Student Awards

2018 Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Awards

Makenna Smith, Second place Sustainable Energy and Environmental Stewardship Prize
Title: “The barriers between Tanzanians and potable water”

Denna Martinez, WCNR College Honors
Title: “Evaluating Data Sets to Predict Future Snow Melt in the Western US”

Amanda Spidel, WCNR College Honors
Title: “Evaluating ectomycorrhizal fungi colonization following clearcutting and pile burning in lodgepole pine forest”


2017 Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Awards

Avery Baker, WCNR College Honors
Title: The Effects of Biochar on Soil Moisture

Holly Cox, Service-Learning Award Grand Prize, First Place,
Title: Water Availability: A Study on Household Water in Samburu, Kenya

Hannah Dresang, WCNR College Honors
Title: Social-Ecological Dynamics of Pollinators and Pastoralists in Simanjiro, Tanzania

Sara Hines, Excellence in Diversity & Social Justice Award
Title: Health of Women and Families in Samburu, Kenya: Chief Concerns and Treatments

Leanne Makens, WCNR College Honors
Title: The Impacts of Polyculture vs. Monoculture on Soil Aggregation and Soil Organic Carbon

Alexandra Stoneburner, WCNR College Honors
Title: Sage Grouse as an Indicator Species of Range Health at Dinosaur National Monument

2017 Warner College of Natural Resources Awards

Ashley Foster, WCNR Undergraduate Research Award
Title: Pastoral experiences with wildlife and conservation in Samburu County, Kenya