Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Support Our Research

Graduate Student Scholarship Fund

One or more NREL Scholarships are offered each year, made possible by donations from NREL friends and alumni.

Scientists and Visiting Scientists Fund

Visiting scientists will be invited to collaborate with NREL's team of ecologists on research projects.

Scientific Equipment Fund

A broad array of laboratory equipment at NREL makes it possible for most scientists to analyze samples in-house. However, the cost of maintenance and replacement is so high that NREL is in jeopardy of falling behind.

Director's Discretionary Fund

Contributions to this fund will be apportioned by the Director where they are most needed. We invite you become involved in the exciting work at NREL.


If you're ready to give, simply print out the gift form and return it with your contribution to:

Colorado State University Foundation
Attn: NREL support fund
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Thank you for your contribution!