Executive Committee Members: John Moore (Chair), Lauren Ackein, Rich Conant, Steven Fassnacht, Wei Gao, Stephanie Kampf, Stephen Ogle, Dennis Ojima, Shannon Spencer (RA rep)

Awards Committee: Randy Boone (Chair), Jill Baron, Julia Klein, Steven Fassnacht

Communications and Events Committee: John Moore (Chair), Ty Boyack, Caitlin Charlton, Nikki Martinez, Allie Rhea, Laurie Richards, Natalie Schmer, Jonathan Straube

Diversity Committee: John Moore (Chair), Jill Baron, Kaye Holman, Tony Vorster

EcoCore Lab Committee Members: Guy Beresford, Tim Covino, Ed Hall, Sam Mosier, Rod Simpson, Casey Barby, Dan Reuss

Educational Programs Committee:  Contact the director if interested.

Finance Committee: Stephen Ogle (Chair), Lauren Ackein, Paul Evangelista, Julie Heinrichs, Tom Hobbs, Stacy Lynn, John Moore, Yi Yang

IT and Open Science Committee: Greg Newman (Chair), Ty Boyack, Chris Dorich, Jonathan Straube