Executive Committee Members: John Moore (Chair), Rich Conant, Francesca Cotrufo, Steven Fassnacht, Wei Gao, Jessica Hunter, Stephanie Kampf, Stephen Ogle, Dennis Ojima, Shannon Spencer (RA rep), Eric Jensen (Grad rep), Alex Brooks (Grad rep)

Awards Committee: Randy Boone (Chair), Jill Baron, Julia Klein, Steven Fassnacht

Communications and Events Committee: John Moore (Chair), Ty Boyack, Ed Hall, Jessica Hunter, Allie Rhea, Laurie Richards, Natalie Schmer, Jonathan Straube

Diversity Committee: John Moore (Chair), Jill Baron, Kaye Holman, Tony Vorster

EcoCore Lab Committee Members: Guy Beresford, Tim Covino, Ed Hall, Sam Mosier, Rod Simpson, Casey Barby, Dan Reuss

Educational Programs Committee:  Contact the director if interested.

Finance Committee: Stephen Ogle (Chair), Julie Heinrichs, Tom Hobbs, Jessica Hunter, Stacy Lynn, John Moore, Dennis Ojima

IT and Open Science Committee: Greg Newman (Chair), Ty Boyack, Chris Dorich, Jonathan Straube