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Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP)

Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP)

The Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL), the CSU Access Center, and the CSU Microbiome Network seek applicants to apply for the US Department of Agricultural Multicultural Scholar’s Program (MSP) fellowship. Applicants should be highly motivated and desire to pursue a career, or have interest in: human, animal, agricultural, plant and soil biology, or environmental systems.

The program will provide up to five scholarships of $6,500 per year (up to four years) for first-generation and/or low-income backgrounds from under-represented populations. The program encourages students from CSU Alliance (Adams City HS, Fort Lupton HS, John Mall HS, Pueblo Central HS, Sierra HS, Centauri HS, Hinkley HS, Montezuma-Cortez HS, Rocky Ford HS, Trinidad HS) and USDE TRIO partner high schools (Greeley Central HS, Poudre HS) in Colorado to apply. Applicants will need to be admitted Colorado State University for the 2021-2022 academic year to receive funding. Students should also select a major in the following areas: Animal Sciences, Soil & Crop Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Health, Microbiology, Ecosystem Science, Watershed Science, or if Undeclared, the intention of pursuing one of these STEM disciplines.


Eligibility for MSP Scholarship – The grantee institutions develop the selection criteria and it is their responsibility to award fellowships to high caliber students in superior academic standing. Only individuals who meet the eligibility requirements listed below will be awarded fellowships. In order for individuals to receive the Fellowship they must:

1. Be citizens or nationals of the United States of America as determined in accordance with Federal law.

2. Have strong interest, as judged by the institution, in pursuing a degree in human, animal, agricultural, plant and soil biology, or environmental systems sciences.

3. Be registered as full-time students.

4. Should be from CSU Alliance or USDE TRIO High School

5. Must be accepted to Colorado State University


Transcripts (unofficial) or Letter of acceptance from CSU
Letter of Recommendation.  These can be the same letters used for your application to CSU
Essay (less than 2 pages, 14pt times new roman, double spaced). The topic for the essay is “Why are you interested in you chosen field of study?”

To apply, fill out the application here.  After your application is submitted you can begin to upload documents.