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MSP - Chevron Scholarship in Environmental Sustainability Science and Engineering

Chevron Scholarship

The Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP) at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory is seeking applicants to apply for the Chevron Scholarship in Environmental Sustainability Science and Engineering.

This scholarship will provide $4,500 per year (for up to four years) for students from first-generation and/or limited-income backgrounds from under-represented populations in the environmental and sustainability sciences and engineering fields. Applicants should be highly motivated and desire to pursue a career, or have interest in the human, animal, agricultural, plant and soil sciences, or engineering related to environmental and sustainability science.


Only individuals who meet the criteria listed below may apply for consideration to be awarded a fellowship:

1. Be declared in a CSU STEM-affiliated major with an environmental or sustainability science emphasis; including but not limited to – Animal Science, Biomedical Sciences, Construction Management, Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, Environmental Health, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, Microbiology, Soil and Crop Science, and Watershed Science;

2. Identify as first-generation or low-income from under-represented populations in food, agriculture, and human sciences;

3. Be citizens, national, or permanent residents of the United States as determined in accordance with Federal law;

4. Be enrolled as a full-time student, taking at least 12-credits/semester at CSU;

5. Have a 3.0+ cumulative CSU GPA or, if admitted to CSU in Spring 2023, must have a 3.0+ cumulative High School or transfer GPA.

6. Not have been previously earned a baccalaureate degree; and

7. Have a strong interest, as judged by the institution, in pursuing a career as a food or agricultural scientist or professional.



If you meet the criteria noted above, complete an application package, as described below:

1. Fill out the application.

2. Upload both a letter of recommendation and personal essay. Upload documents here.

3. All three documents must be submitted by the Sunday, October 16, 2023, due date.