NREL 50th Year Fund Raising Campaign

The Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory has a long tradition of excellence in ecosystem and watershed sciences, working to understand the environment and providing solutions to address environmental challenges facing society.  The laboratory is celebrating 50 years and is undertaking a fund-raising campaign to continue the tradition for decades to come!

The objective of the campaign is to sustain and expand current research on topics such as climate change, ecosystem management, environmental literacy, food security, sustainable communities, water security and wildlife management.  Funds will enhance the intellectual environment at the laboratory by providing funding for top graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, visiting scientists, and seminar speakers; professional development funds for technical staff; endowed positions for distinguished ecosystem and watershed scientists; and funding to support creative research groups within the laboratory.

Please look at our campaign brochure as we prepare for the challenges
in our next fifty years of ecosystem and watershed sciences. 
For additional information about the laboratory or the campaign,
contact Jessica Hunter (