The Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory has a 50 year history as leader in interdisciplinary ecosystem science.  Your gift will push that vision forward for the next 50 years of research as we address a new set of environmental challenges facing society and the environment today.  There are many ways for you to help.  Simply pick a foundational account number that you wish to support and then go to the University Advancement site to donate.  Then put that fund number in the “University Fund” search box.  THANK YOU.

Our campaign brochure outlines our vision, as we prepare for our next fifty years of ecosystem and watershed science. 
For additional information about the laboratory or the campaign, contact Jessica Hunter (Email:

Ecosystem Science and Sustainability (19842)

Funds will be used for general and operating expenditures for the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability.  These funds used at the discretion of the Department Head

Bob and Nedra Dils Scholarship (49495)

Scholarship fund for graduate students in Watershed Science of the College of Natural Sciences

W.G. Dugan Wilkinson Scholarship (55555)

Scholarship fund for undergraduate students in the College of Natural Resources

Lee and Hillary MacDonald Graduate Scholarship in Watershed Science (66055)

Scholarship fund for graduate students in the College of Natural Resources

Thomas R. and Catherine A. Madson Scholarship (76635)

Scholarship fund for undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing a degree in Watershed Science in the College of Natural Resources

Eldor Paul Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Outstanding Student Award (76905)

Provide awards to outstanding undergraduate seniors who have a primary major the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (10703)

General expenses for the purpose of research and graduate student support

NREL Graduate Student (47123)

General expenses for graduate student support

Francis Clark Soil Biology Scholarship (47795)

The scholarship fund is to benefit students at Colorado State University who are desirous of pursuing students in Soil Biology.

James E. Ellis Memorial Graduate Scholarship (53455)

The scholarship is open to graduate students who have an affiliation with the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory and a broad interest in relationships between humans and their environment.

NREL Excellence in Enhancing Global Connections (55585)

Provide resources for the maintenance of continuity of research programs at NREL during unavoidable gaps in external funding.

James H. Gibson Research (57575)

To provide resources that can ensure a level of continuity for the vital research programs performed at NREL during unavoidable gaps in external funding.

Summer Soil Institute (64823)

Funds to support the Summer Soil Institute

Rocky Mountain Sustainability and Science Network Academy (69133)

To provide a research coordinated network in undergraduate biology education that uses public lands in the Rocky Mountains to introduce underrepresented minority students to scientific and leadership concepts associated with sustainability and climate change.

Citizen Science at Colorado State University (70083)

To provide support for Citizen Science programs at CSU.

NREL Research Associate Professional Development (77503)

Professional development for research associates at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

NREL First Generation Scholarship (77533)

Scholarship for first generation undergraduates enrolled in majors supported by the home departments of NREL scientists.  The award is renewable annually for students who are enrolled and in good standing.

Stream Tracker (77733)

Allow students at CSU to participate in activities and projects associated with stream monitoring.

Research and Development for Western Ranches (77923)

Foster science-driven management, conservation and policies that support the stewardship and sustainability of natural resources on private lands.

The James E. Ellis Global Research Fund (77943)

Provide critical support for research scientists in the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory.  Fund will support and sustain international research efforts in ecosystem science and sustainability around the globe.