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Discoveries (poem by Dave Swift)

Editor’s note: Dr. Dave Swift, a contributor here at EcoPress, recently published a poem in the spring 2014 edition of “The Front Range Review,” the literary journal of Front Range Community College. We are very pleased to share his work here.

windwhistle sunrise



Dusk –

A dark mesa to the East.

On it, poised, a single star,

Caught in the act of rising.


But the star is not rising –

           I know.

The Earth sinks against it.

If I can fix the star,

           the Earth must move.


And so, I watch

As star and mesa separate,

And feel

           the tilting

of the Earth,

And me clung to it,

Riding an electron

In the matter of the cosmos.                                                               

A discovery,

But not, in truth, my own.


Absent Copernicus

I could not have played this trick,

And replaced mere knowledge

With understanding …


Some time, in some place

He watched a star rise;

Saw what I saw and knew,

       for the first time,

What we have always known.


Did he tremble when he realized

What I realized,

But knew that he alone,

       on this earth,

Knew the truth?   

—Dave Swift