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by EcoPress

With this year’s Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting rapidly approaching (everyone have their slides and posters ready?!?), each of us here at EcoPress want to highlight a couple talks or posters we think will be really great. If you put these on your schedule, you’ll only have about ~30 more ‘conference hours’ to schedule during your stay in Minneapolis . See the full program here.

Plus, some of us are giving talks too! See Shinichi on Wednesday at 3:40pm in L100F talk about respiration, photosynthesis, and carbon partitioning. Then see Andrew on Thursday at 2:50pm in L100C talk about tree harvest and state transitions in savannas.

Also see Jeremy Fox’s itinerary over at Dynamic Ecology for some more good ideas of how to schedule your days.

See everyone there!

Shinichi’s Picks

OOS 3-8, Evaluating a general theory of macroecology using big data, Ethan P. White

COS 17-5, Populations and communities as fluid on a landscape under nonstationary environmental change, Peter Chesson

Aaron’s Picks

COS 10-7  Explore science, enter through the arts: Art-Based Perceptual Ecology, a novel research method used in collaboration with scientific inquiry, Lee Ann Woolery

COS 77-9  Shifting from beef to other animal products: a important strategy for combating climate change, Douglas H. Boucher

Andrew’s Picks

IGN 14 Why and how to put the Ph back into the ecology PhD, Chelse M. Prather

COS 39-9 Positive, negative, or neutral effects of individual variation on coexistence? Simon P. Hart and Jonathan Levine

Jules’ Picks


SYMP 20-1 Take it from the top: Global-scale constraints on our food system and agricultural sustainability challenges, Jonathan Foley, University of Minnesota

COS 105-6 The role of nutrient, light, and soil-moisture limitation on root allocation across global grasslands, Elsa Cleland, University of California, San Diego

Find out what global change may mean for cheatgrass invasion in mixed-grass prairie! Check out Dana Blumenthal’s poster at Exhibit Hall B on Monday (8/5): PS 1-14 Warming promotes cheatgrass invasion in mixed-grass prairie.

Interested in soil biodiversity? Kevin Mueller’s presentation in Room 101J on Tuesday (8/6) will blow your mind: COS 20-8 Demystifying the enigma of soil biodiversity: long-term effects of 14 tree species and underlying mechanisms.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you unleash cows and fire on grasslands, you must see David Augustine’s presentation in Room L100C on Monday (8/5): COS 12-6 On the strength and timing of fire-grazing interactions in grassland ecosystems.

Nell’s Picks

COS 5-6 Predictability of the terrestrial carbon cycle, Yiqi Luo

COS 5-2 The sink for nitrous oxide in soils, Bill Schlesinger

Jocelyn’s Picks

OOS 3-1 State of NEON: Where are we and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead?, S. Ollinger et al.

COS 5-6 Predictability of the terrestrial carbon cycle, Yiqi Luo et al.

OOS 3-2 Supporting Targets of Opportunity in Ecological Research: Case of the High Park Fire, 2012, T. Kampe et al.

COS 5-2 The sink for nitrous oxide in soils, Bill Schlesinger

COS 10-4 Turning K-12 environmental education InSciEd Out : Using prescription education to engage young students in the environmental sciences, SK Thompson et al.

And one for the road…
Let’s face it, this one is going to be good!

COS 7-1 Significant changes in the skin microbiome mediated by the sport of roller derby, James F. Meadow et al.