James E. Ellis Memorial Scholarship

James Ellis (1938-2002) was an ecosystem scientist at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL) of Colorado State University for more than 30 years. Dr. Ellis’ preeminent work on understanding the interplay between people and natural processes in arid ecosystems set a global standard for novel research spanning scientific disciplines. He applied integrated, interdisciplinary approaches to understanding pastoral ecosystem ecology throughout the world. Dr. Ellis was a systems ecologist in the classical sense—his greatest strength was his ability to conceptualize large, complex scientific problems as whole systems, to sketch the interactions among their significant components, and to develop ways to understand their dynamics. He mentored many students, several of whom are now international leaders in ecosystem science and ecology.

The scholarship has been established through the kind donations of many individuals to honor the memory of Dr. Ellis, advance knowledge of ecosystems and the humans that rely upon them, and support students of NREL. GThe scholarships is open to Graduate students who have an affiliation with the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory and a broad interest in relationships between humans and their environments.

Students interested in applying for this scholarship should submit an application package consisting of:

      • A brief description of current research, or a short research proposal, no longer than 5 single-spaced pages including all diagrams and references.
      • A budget outlining how the awarded funds will be used, including financial need,
      • A CV,
      • Academic transcripts (undergraduate and graduate where applicable),
      • One (1) letter of recommendation, often from the student's advisor.

Scholarships shall be awarded to students on the basis of the overall quality of the application package, scholastic merit, quality of the research proposed, and financial need, without bias as to gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, or state or nation of home residence or citizenship. Favorable consideration will be given to applicants who show how the research will contribute to the public welfare.

To be eligible, students must be enrolled in courses or in research instruction credit during the award period. International students must provide documentation of their lawful presence in the US. Please see CSU’s Student Financial Services for more discussion on scholarship eligibility requirements.

Applications must be submitted by email to Lauren Ackein, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Natural Environmental Sciences Building, 1499 Campus Delivery. Scholarships are awarded annually in the Fall semester.