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From the Lab: NREL’s Recently Funded Projects

Changing trees in Aspen, Colorado
Photo: Paul Evangelista

This summary includes projects recently funded during the first few months of 2024. If a funded project was missed for this period, please contact Melissa May at

Stephen Ogle:

Award: $660,942 from Aarhus University
Project Title: Model Calibration, Testing, and Application for Quantifying and Assessing Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Potentials for the LandCraft Pioneer Center

Tony Vorster:

Award: $1,004,036 from NASA (Led by University of Maryland)
Project Title: NASA Acres: Utilizing Satellite Data for Enhancing Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability

Jody Vogeler:

Awarded: $497,377 from NASA
Project Title: GEDI data fusions for characterizing post-fire landscapes to understand habitat refugia for threatened species: the case of Canada Lynx

Awarded: $178,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture
Project Title: Assessing high resolution imagery for forest disturbance characterizations and informing FIA estimates

Awarded: $514,303 from the USDA Forest Service
Project Title: LiDAR-based forest inventory and monitoring in support of sustainable forest management planning in the Black Hills, SD

Yao Zhang:

Award: $75,000 from Argonne National Laboratory (Department of Energy)
Project Title: Soil Organic Carbon Modeling to Support Crop-Related GHG Emissions

Award: $1,052,912 from Lynker (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
Project Title: Partnerships for Hawaii Climate-Smart Commodities

Keith Paustian:

Award: $20,000,000 collaborative fund at the University of Minnesota
Project Title: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Create More Sustainable Forests and Farms

Saeideh Esmaeili:

Award: $121,031 from the U.S. Geological Survey
Project Title: Wild Equids in the Rocky Mountains and Beyond: Ecology of feral and wild species

Stacy Lynn and Sarah King:

Award: $141,329 from the Bureau of Land Management
Project Title: Co-production of Accessible Curricula on Western Wild Horses and Burros for K-12 and Community Audiences