Jill Baron

Sampling at Loch Vale in a storm
Loch Vale, RMNP on sunny day
Christa Torrens sampling in the snow
Loch Vale, RMNP close up.
Boat launch on Loch Vale 2016

Jill Baron - Research Group

Daniel Bowker; danielwbowker@gmail.com

Project Manager for the Loch Vale Watershed Long-Term Ecological Research and Monitoring Program. Daniel has been with NREL since 2014, has a master’s degree in Forestry from the University of Kentucky.

Isabella (Bella) Oleksy; bellaoleksy@gmail.com

Bella is a Ph.D. candidate in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology. Bella received her Bachelor’s of Environment Science at the University of New Hampshire in 2012. She worked as Dr. Megan Duffy’s lab manager at the University of Michigan for two years before moving to Colorado. She studies the causes and consequences of changing primary productivity in alpine and subalpine lakes, with Loch Vale serving as her primary field site. Use the icons above to navigate to her social media profiles and research website.

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