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Short: Mobile apps for today’s Ecologists-On-The-Go!

If you’re like us, you’ve probably found yourself out and about in the world and thought, “gee, if only there was a smartphone app that would tell me…” what species of bird that was, what’s the clay content of the soils I’m hiking on, whether streamflow really went up after yesterday’s rain, and so forth.


Dr. Emilio Bruna (University of Florida) has done us all a wonderful service by compiling a list of handy ecology-related apps here:


Neahga Leonard also put together a great list of eco-apps on his Writing for Nature blog:

Tools for the Modern Primate – Apps for Field-Work

Now that we have access to random number generator apps on-the-go, any time and place is a good time and place to collect great data!

Image: Cristiano Betta/Flickr