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NREL/ESS Publications: August 2017

This summary includes publications first published online and/or in print during August 2017. If a publication was missed for this period, please contact Amanda Morrison at

In Print

Chung, W., Evangelista, P., Anderson, N., Vorster, A., Han, H., Poudel, K., & Sturtevant, R. (2017). Estimating Aboveground Tree Biomass for Beetle-Killed Lodgepole Pine in the Rocky Mountains of Northern ColoradoForest Science63(4)


Renwick, KM., C. Caroline, A.R. Kleinhesselink, D. Schlaepfer, B.A. Bradley, C.L. Aldridge, B. Poulter, and P.B Adler.  2017.  Multi-model comparison highlights consistency in predicted effect of warming on a semi-arid shrub.  Global Change Biology (Early On Line) 2017; 00:1–15.

Trivedi, P., Schenk, P. M., Wallenstein, M. D., & Singh, B. K. (2017). Tiny Microbes, Big Yields: enhancing food crop production with biological solutions. Microbial Biotechnology.