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This summary includes publications first published online and/or in print during January 2015. If a publication was missed for this period, please contact Amanda Morrison at

In Print:

Bai, K., C. Liu, R. Shi, and W. Gao. 2015. Comparison of Suomi-NPP OMPS total column ozone with Brewer and Dobson spectrophotometers measurements. Frontiers of Earth Science:1–12.

Milne, E., S. A. Banwart, E. Noellemeyer, D. J. Abson, C. Ballabio, et al. 2015. Soil carbon, multiple benefits. Environmental Development 13:33–38. (Rich Conant is an author)

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Wagenbrenner, J. W., L. H. MacDonald, R. N. Coats, P. R. Robichaud, and R. E. Brown. 2015. Effects of post-fire salvage logging and a skid trail treatment on ground cover, soils, and sediment production in the interior western United States. Forest Ecology and Management 335:176–193.


Asao, S., R. Bedoya-Arrieta, and M. G. Ryan. 2015. Variation in foliar respiration and wood CO2 efflux rates among species and canopy layers in a wet tropical forest. Tree Physiology.

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