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This summary includes publications first published online and/or in print during June 2013. If a publication was missed for this period, please contact Amanda Morrison at

In Print:

Acharya, K., S. Sueki, B. Conrad, T. L. Dudley, D. W. Bean, and J. C. Osterberg. 2013. Life History Characteristics of Diorhabda Carinulata Under Various Temperatures. Environmental Entomology 42:564–571.

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Tang, H., M. Chen, J. Davis, and W. Gao. 2013. Comparison of aerosol optical depth of UV-B monitoring and research program (UVMRP), AERONET and MODIS over continental united states. Frontiers of Earth Science 7:129–140.

Wang, F., D. J. Mladenoff, J. A. Forrester, C. Keough, and W. J. Parton. 2013. Global sensitivity analysis of a modified CENTURY model for simulating impacts of harvesting fine woody biomass for bioenergy. Ecological Modelling 259:16–23.

Zhao, Q., W. Gao, W. Xiang, R. Shi, C. Liu, T. Zhai, H. Huang, L. Gumley, and K. Strabala. 2013. Analysis of air quality variability in Shanghai using AOD and API data in the recent decade. Frontiers of Earth Science 7:159–168.