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NREL/ESS Publications: June, 2014

This summary includes publications first published online and/or in print during June 2014. If a publication was missed for this period, please contact Amanda Morrison at

In Print

Campbell, E., J. F. Johnson, V. Jin, R. M. Lehman, S. Osborne, G. Varvel, and K. Paustian. 2014. Assessing the Soil Carbon, Biomass Production, and Nitrous Oxide Emission Impact of Corn Stover Management for Bioenergy Feedstock Production Using DAYCENT. BioEnergy Research 7:491–502.

Ernakovich, J. G., K. A. Hopping, A. B. Berdanier, R. T. Simpson, E. J. Kachergis, H. Steltzer, and M. D. Wallenstein. 2014. Predicted responses of arctic and alpine ecosystems to altered seasonality under climate change. Global Change Biology:n/a–n/a.

Hartman, M., J. Baron, H. Ewing, and K. Weathers. 2014. Combined global change effects on ecosystem processes in nine U.S. topographically complex areas. Biogeochemistry 119:85–108.

Havas, K. A., R. B. Boone, A. E. Hill, and M. D. Salman. 2014. A Brucellosis Disease Control Strategy for the Kakheti Region of the Country of Georgia: An Agent-Based Model. Zoonoses and Public Health 61:260–270.

Miller, B. W., and M. W. Doyle. 2014. Rangeland management and fluvial geomorphology in northern Tanzania. Geomorphology 214:366–377.

Schurich, J. A., S. Kumar, L. Eisen, and C. G. Moore. 2014. Modeling Culex tarsalis Abundance on the Northern Colorado Front Range Using a Landscape-Level Approach. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 30:7–20.

Singh, S. K., K. R. Reddy, V. R. Reddy, and W. Gao. 2014. Maize growth and developmental responses to temperature and ultraviolet-B radiation interaction. Photosynthetica 52:262–271.