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This summary includes publications first published online and/or in print during May 2014. If a publication was missed for this period, please contact Amanda Morrison at

In Print

Bell, C. W., D. T. Tissue, M. E. Loik, M. D. Wallenstein, V. Acosta – Martinez, R. A. Erickson, and J. C. Zak. 2014. Soil microbial and nutrient responses to 7 years of seasonally altered precipitation in a Chihuahuan Desert grassland. Global Change Biology 20:1657–1673.

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Pfeifer, M., V. Lefebvre, T. A. Gardner, V. Arroyo-Rodriguez, L. Baeten, et al. 2014. BIOFRAG – a new database for analyzing BIOdiversity responses to forest FRAGmentation. Ecology and Evolution 4:1524–1537.  (Sunil Kumar is an author)

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Andersen, D. C., E. Carol Adair, S. Mark Nelson, and D. Binkley. 2014. Can Nitrogen Fertilization Aid Restoration of Mature Tree Productivity in Degraded Dryland Riverine Ecosystems? Restoration Ecology:n/a–n/a.

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Fassnacht, S. R., D. C. Deitemeyer, and N. B. H. Venable. 2014. Capitalizing on the daily time step of snow telemetry data to model the snowmelt components of the hydrograph for small watersheds. Hydrological Processes:n/a–n/a.